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  1. LRachelR5

    Wedlocke A X-Citing New Place - A Pokemon X Wedlocke

    So I have just been moving house and only got the internet installed today and seeing that in the Kalos games it is established that you have just moved to the area, and the fact that I am enjoying my wedlocke challenges (even if some aren't finished or being documented here) I figured I would...
  2. LRachelR5

    Wedlocke The Journey of the Heart - A Pokemon HeartGold Wedlocke

    Hello all! After deciding to stop my Black 2 Wedlocke, I figured that I still wanted a challenge with potential difficulty to go alongside my Platinum Scramble and Black Monotype. So I decided that I wanted to try and finally finish the Jhoto region games so I will be playing a Wedlocke on...
  3. LRachelR5

    Monotype In the Spring Time - A Black Monotype Run

    Seeing as I have put my Black 2 Wedlocke on hiatus until further notice I've decided that I want to do a challenge that is different to the Scramble that I am doing on Platinum and the Wedlocke that had been started. So I will be doing a Monotype run of Black using only grass types because it...
  4. LRachelR5

    Scramble Scrambling Through the Sinnoh Region - A Pokemon Platinum Scramble Challenge

    Hello all! I decided that I wanted to attempt a scramble for Platinum. With my team that I have been given, I will not be catching some of the pokemon at the earliest point that I can catch them just so I have a bit of time between team members being caught. Unlike my Wedlocke there will be no...
  5. LRachelR5

    Wedlocke What Goes Around, Comes Around a Pokemon Black 2 Wedlocke challenge

    Hello, one and all! My first challenge on the original forums was a White Wedlocke so I thought that it would be very cool to have my debut challenge here to be a Wedlocke on Black 2 so lets get into the rules that I will be using for this challenge, they are basically the same as my White...
  6. LRachelR5

    Hello Again!

    Hello again all! After finally getting my account confirmed and activated I am back on the Marriland Forums, you'll most likely see me in the challenge thread!