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  1. RaptorDMG

    Gen 7 Giveaway 5IV Charmanders and Porygons

    I was breeding for a competitive charmander and porygon and these are the ones I didn't want. I have 54 charmanders and 22 porygons at the moment so I'm sure I won't be running out anytime soon.
  2. RaptorDMG

    Gen 7 Want Looking for a 6IV Ditto

    I'm looking at getting into breeding competitive Pokemon and would like a Ditto to make it easier. I've got a few things I can trade like legendaries from Platinum or Emerald and a Shiny Shinx.
  3. RaptorDMG

    Hello everyone

    I used to be a member here back from 2013 to 2015-16 when I stopped playing Pokemon for a few years but I've recently been getting back into the games and have bought all GBA and 3DS games and will be finishing off the DS games soon. So far I've played through Fire Red, Soul silver, Emerald and...