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  1. Cynical Toast

    Cynical Toast AMA 2: Escape 2 Africa

    please ask me questions
  2. Cynical Toast

    Settling the Score: Pokemon X

    So little known fact about me, I've not been the biggest fan of Generation 6 historically. I distinctly remember my first experience with it; I got it after months of intense anticipation, I loaded it into my 3ds, and then quit like an hour in because I didn't like it at all. It was was one of...
  3. Cynical Toast

    You've heard of Team Rocket...

    Now get ready for Team Galactic. Together, we shall create a new world.
  4. Cynical Toast

    Slowpoke Tails

    Where do I go to buy deluxe quality slowpoke tails? Asking for a friend.
  5. Cynical Toast

    Pokemon Rumble

    With the recent closure of the Wii Shop Channel, I've been remembering one of the most enjoyable obscure games that was on the service. Even though this game pretty much amounted to mashing buttons, I still remember having fun with it. It's a proper shame it's been lost to the aether, if you ask...
  6. Cynical Toast

    Pointless Warnings

    This was another one of my favorite games on the old site. The idea is simple: Person A lists an item, and then Person B responds with a pointless warning for said item. After the warning, Person B would list an item of their own, and the cycle repeats. EX: Person A: Chicken Nuggets Person B...
  7. Cynical Toast

    Ask Cynical Toast Anything

    go wild, have fun
  8. Cynical Toast

    Pokemon Music

    The Pokemon series has got some great music, and sometimes I feel the soundtracks don't get enough attention. So what are so me of your favorite tracks? Personally, I love a lot of the route themes in the gba/ds games. Special shout outs to route 113/216/6.
  9. Cynical Toast

    Corrupt a Wish

    I don't remember who started this game on the old site but I always liked this one, and nobody seems to have started it yet. Basically the idea is that a person posts a wish, and the next poster grants that wish, with a catch. For example: Person A: I wish I could teleport Person B: Granted...
  10. Cynical Toast

    An Exceptionally Ordinary Emerald Randomizer Nuzlocke

    You know I did love doing challenge runs on the old site. Next to making terrible role-plays it was my biggest forum time-sink, I'd say. And because I think some memories are better left forgotten, I'm gonna try another challenge run. Nothing too complicated, it's your standard nuzlocke...
  11. Cynical Toast

    Hi Diddly Ho, Neighborino

    I guess this is my first time on this site although not my first time in the Marriland forums community. I went by a lot of names on the old site; Xspeed34, HyperMetalSonic, GhostlyPhantom, Protoman, Cynical_Toast, and Cork. The only constant among most of those identities was that I was a dumb...