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  1. Wren

    Natures and their meanings

    I've been kind of curious about the reasons natures are named as such. Brave and Timid are opposite natures, and it's pretty easy to understand why. A Timid pokemon might be jittery, which would thus increase their Speed. They would also probably want to avoid conflict, thus lowering their...
  2. Wren

    Sword/Shield Before you begin...

    So, Pokemon Sword and Shield were the second games I worked on. Unfortunately my name isn't in the credits this time. I've been avoiding reddit and any news, so I don't know how much you guys already know, but here are a few things worth noting before you actually begin: You know how gen 6...
  3. Wren

    Can you beat any Pokemon game using one, and only one pokemon?

    I've been noticing a lot of these types of videos on YouTube where people try to get through a specific version using only a specific pokemon in battle, often using some sort of randomizer to alter a starter into that pokemon. Most of the people doing these challenges have other pokemon in...
  4. Wren


    What are your favorite and least favorite pokemon cries? I love Regice and Registeel's cries. They almost sound like music when played together one after the other, which is what I used to do in Sapphire. The Regi cries from the Lucario movie sound even better, almost like they're dubstepped.
  5. Wren


    A long time ago, join dates on the Marriland Forums used to be accurate. Then everything got messed up during the transition to Curse. Now that we're on a new site, there are no longer any join dates before October 2018. Seniority pretty much doesn't matter anymore to anyone, except to me. There...
  6. Wren

    Foods you used to love, but then hate (but now love again)

    I used to love mayonnaise, then I hated it, now I'm okay with it. It was light and creamy and I loved it as a kid, but many years ago, there used to be this TV show called Fear Factor. On one episode, I remember a challenge involving a vat of mayonnaise and waxworms. I used to have a pet bearded...
  7. Wren

    Xenoblade Chronicles

    This is a thread to discuss the Xenoblade series. Discussion of Xenogears and Xenosaga is also welcome. I'm thinking of getting Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sometime in the future but I've heard mixed opinions on the English dubbing. I'll have no problem if it only starts off bad, which appears to be...
  8. Wren

    "What, it's not like we're ever going to use math in real life!"

    Back when I was in college, the campus cafeteria had plastic plates that came in four colors: red, green, blue and yellow. One time as I was leaving the cafeteria, I noticed a stack of clean plates in the sequence red-green-red-green-red-green-etc. I thought, "Huh... What are the chances?" Then...
  9. Wren

    Favorite flavors

    What is your favorite version of any specific food-related item that can have different taste variants? Things like ice cream flavors, potato chip flavors, pizza toppings, types of cake, types of cheese, ways to cook an egg, chewing gum brands, specific fast food restaurant orders, or how you...
  10. Wren

    Refrigerator or pantry?

    Until today, I had no idea people put peanut butter in the refrigerator, or ketchup in the pantry. I always kept ketchup in the fridge and peanut butter in the pantry. That got me wondering, what other foods or condiments do people put in one, that you guys put in the other? I keep maple syrup...
  11. Wren

    Can I get a name change?

    I've had this username for over nine years and felt it would be fitting for me to use a different one, now that I'm using a new account. Can I get a name change? I'm too lazy to make a new account. It makes more sense to bother you guys to do it for me.