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  1. Typhlosion

    Post an Insane Lie about the Person above You v2

    Forces Martians to watch anime in Klingon with German subtitles.
  2. Typhlosion

    Newbie to Marriland, oldie to Pokemon~

    Hi! Pleased to meet you! Welcome to the Marriland Forums. It's always cool to meet people who've been around since the very start of the franchise. Shoutout to Virtual Console for letting me play some older games even though I started with HeartGold. But would you know, I have never...
  3. Typhlosion

    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    12. It should be fun enough. It'll be an extended weekend due to MLK Day.
  4. Typhlosion

    Graphics Portfolio ⚡ The Thundaffix Collection ⚡

    Wow, I just finished looking over all of this. "Disaster" must be quite the relative term, eh? I'm impressed that you managed to hang on to a good quantity of your older works. I wish I had been as vigilant with the first stories I wrote. It really was cool to see so many old banners and...
  5. Typhlosion

    ❖ The Space-Time Rift v6 ❖ - :sirfetchd:

    Speaking partially from experience, dance and choir will probably make you feel far less sane at times, but I know the value of a creative outlet you can be passionate about. Go get 'em, Regine. I feel the same about some of my courses as well. I was really looking forward to this certain...
  6. Typhlosion

    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    8. I bet that if someone were to make a chart of my forums activity, there would always be a very obvious drop right around the start of each new semester.
  7. Typhlosion

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! Nothing wrong with a fresh start every now and then. We're glad to have you back! And don't worry, you're far from being the only one busy with school. I believe you'll be able to have fun here regardless! If I may ask, what does your username mean?
  8. Typhlosion

    Favorite/Least Favorite Galar Region Pokemon?

    Update with new information: Calyrex has likely edged out Chewtle as my least favorite Galar design.
  9. Typhlosion

    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    3. Hmm yes anime My favorite subject I know so much about it
  10. Typhlosion

    Nuzlocke What Makes a World -- Typhlosion's Yellow Nuzlocke

    This was turning into a giant wall of text, so...split-update time! Fair warning, my update schedule is going to be a lot slower from now on since school is back in session. My apologies for the delays.
  11. Typhlosion

    what made you angery today

    The printer in my building is non-functional about 75% of the time, and tonight was one of those times. This put a real damper on my plans to run off copies of the syllabi for my classes tomorrow.
  12. Typhlosion

    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    I need to reset more this year.
  13. Typhlosion

    ❖ The Space-Time Rift v6 ❖ - :sirfetchd:

    I'm in the same boat as Colin right now. Got back to university yesterday, and I've spent most of today scrambling around making sure I've got everything ready for tomorrow. One of the more interesting classes I'm taking is a microbiology lab. It should be fun, but it looks like there will be...
  14. Typhlosion

    Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer (Version Cookie)

    You can trade your tokens for Tolkiens at the Token-Tolkien-Trading Store. If things left in the fridge too long inevitably go bad, what can I do to get them to go good?
  15. Typhlosion

    Portfolio faf's arts :]

    I'm really glad you decided to stick with those last two ideas to the finish and not scrap them. The rainbow-fire-breathing one is fascinating.
  16. Typhlosion

    Which Pokemon do you think would look cute or benefit wearing rain boots/wellies/galoshes?

    Like you said, I suppose any Pokémon which didn't like the mud or the rain would benefit from that. Minccino and Cinccino come to mind. It'd also be funny to see something like Arcanine wearing them, since it would need four! As for being a held item, I think they did something similar with...
  17. Typhlosion

    New semester starts the day after tomorrow. I do not feel ready at all, which is strange...

    New semester starts the day after tomorrow. I do not feel ready at all, which is strange considering that I'll have done this song and dance six times now. Syllabus week for the win, please.
  18. Typhlosion

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but school projects start multiplying like hydra heads. I wish that it was easy to pack whenever I travel between home and school.
  19. Typhlosion

    Yes or No? V2

    A no from me. Don't need anything else to occupy my time right now. Salami?