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  1. Sheep

    Meltan & Melmetal

    Meltan and Melmetal are two new Pokémon introduced via Pokémon GO, to tie into the release of Let's Go. What do you think of these two? Like them or no?
  2. Sheep

    XY Favorite Kalos starter

    lookit these cuties which is your favorite?
  3. Sheep

    Let's Go Will you be getting the game?

    We're nearing LGPE's release. Do you plan to get a copy? Which will you get? Have you pre-ordered?
  4. Sheep

    hi cuties

    hi you are all cute i live (kinda) \o/
  5. Sheep

    Portfolio shiny sheepy gallery ✧・゚:* (updated 16 November)

    figured i'd post some art here, hello hello comments are appreciated! ✽ New Art ✽ Star Candy (SwSh mon spoiler, added November 2019) Ice Princess (added November 2019) Gigantamax Pikachu (added November 2019) Mew (added October 2019) Angelic Buneary (added October 2019) Shiny Pachirisu...