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  1. Giron

    [Switch] Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

    The latest in the Story of Seasons franchise, Friends of Mineral Town is a remake of the GBA games, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town. Featuring updated designs and quality of life improvements, this game brings back the fan favourite characters...
  2. Giron

    E3 2019: Thoughts and Discussion

    Another E3 has come and gone, it's time to discuss what was revealed, what we liked, what we didn't like, and guess who really won E3.
  3. Giron

    [PS4] Persona 5: Royal

    Coming on October 31st 2019 in Japan, and Spring 2020 in the West, Persona 5: Royal is an enhanced version of Persona 5, featuring a third semester, changed Palaces, and new Confidants. As well, a new party member: Kasumi, will join the Phantom Thieves in this third semester. However, what new...
  4. Giron

    The Bravely Series

    I don't know why, but I suddenly had the urge to write up this thread. Speaking of, this is the thread to discuss all things Bravely! Yes, everything! Default, Second, Praying Brage, Fairy's Effect, Archive, even the illustrious Pocketbook of R! Talk about the characters, the stories, the...
  5. Giron

    [Switch] Fire Emblem: Three Houses/Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon

    Info from previous thread on Azurilland: Fire Emblem 16: Three Houses, is the new instalment in the series for Nintendo Switch, coming out on July 26, 2019. Set on the...
  6. Giron

    Fire Emblem Heroes {Book 4 Edition!}

    I think I should stop posting about FEH in Isa's Discord channel, so... Here's the thread where we can talk all things FEH! (including the owl if you so wish) With Book 3's opening chapters now out, I think it'll be a good starting point to discuss, but you can also talk about your summons...
  7. Giron

    The Journal of Astera Tirell (Modded Skyrim Special Edition)

    Well, considering I did one of these back on Azurilland - with a more completed character and on OG Skyrim - and the fact that Take Notes is on Alpha for Special Edition - I thought: "Why not start a new journal series?" So yes, this is basically Journal of the Dragonborn 2.0, if you want to...
  8. Giron

    [3DS] Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth

    Here is where we discuss Persona Q2 - an Etrian Odyssey style dungeon crawler featuring the characters of Persona 3, 4, and 5, as well as the Female Protagonist from Persona 3 Portable. Here, players can choose between 28 different Persona Users for a team of 5 to traverse the strange...
  9. Giron

    Campfire Rise of Lucifer: Origins ~ Campfire

    Click the main image to go to the RP. Welcome to the Rise of Lucifer: Origins Campfire Thread. Here is where you post your applications after you reserve a sword through a Private Message.
  10. Giron

    Accepting Started Rise of Lucifer: Origins

    Long ago, before the Luciferean wars, before the demon himself was even born, before the Jewel of Life would be gifted to the people, Arceus created seven mystical swords, in the hope that - one day - worthy humans would wield them in order to bring prosperity to the world, and save it from...
  11. Giron

    Hallo, I am here

    The fact that I never made one of these intro threads before is insane. Anyway, I digress. Hi, I'm Giron, or Brandon for those who have no idea how to pronounce my username. (it's like gear-on. Or something.) Anyway, I'm a uni student, do fantasy writing as a hobby - which I'm hoping will end...