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  1. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Burus World

    I kinda have a world that I thought of (even know I know more about the creators of the world then the world itself) so I thought might as well post a few stories of it xD These are going to be short stories in my world of Burus. I'll post a few more stories about this world later :)
  2. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Drawing Lulu's Art Corner

    Welcome to my Art Corner! I specialise in traditional art, so if you want digital you're in the wrong place xD Rules Please don't rush, I'll do stuff as quickly as I can. That being said, you can remind me every week if you so desire xD I don't need to be credited if you use my artwork away...
  3. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Mafia Championships Season 6

    don't ask me why I was contacted out of everyone else Marriland has been invited for Mafia Championships Season 6 over on the Mafia Universe! If you all have a nomination on who should be our representative(yes it can be yourself), please state so in this thread! If there are enough...
  4. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    My Leaf Green Time Warp Challenge

    I'm going to get back to my scramble at some point don't worry You know what happens when I see a new challenge that I don't recognise? I look it up to see the rules then go do it if I deem it simple enough So here we are! My Leaf Green Time Warp Challenge! Which era am I doing exactly...
  5. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Journey for Truth

    Index - Chapter 1 Chapter 2(Not yet posted) Chapter 3(Not yet posted) Chapter 4(Not yet posted) (And I have no idea how many chapters this is gonna be so I'm just gonna leave it there for now)
  6. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Pixel Art Sprite Stuff

    I recently joined a sprite school on Pokefarm, and the allowed me to post my progress here :P And by what I mean by sprite school, they just give me assignments, and I do them with help from the guides on the front page :P Since I have to do some before others, I'm currently doing recolours and...
  7. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    User Input Polls

    I've recently completed a locke, but while I was doing it, I had to have multiple polls for things, so I noticed that when I created one poll, there wasn't an option to create another, and when I edited the previous poll, the votes didn't change. I kinda find that annoying, and I believe that...
  8. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Spirit Animals

    Spirit Animals... I'm not sure if I properly believe them, but they are a fun idea to entertain. Anyway, I've took a quiz recently(This one if you wanna take the same quiz -, and I got a Deer. It really does reflect me, especially the innocence...
  9. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Portfolio LuluRina randomly does something artistic once in a while

    What the title says xD Anyway, I just drew this - And a couple of sprites - Fusions - Type Change -
  10. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Gen 6 Giveaway Giving Away: Level 100 Pokerus Leafeon(TAKEN)

    Yea, I'm doing a wonderlocke and this guy kinda showed up. I don't wanna use it and I dont wanna just wondertrade it back so I'm giving it away. Leafeon @Yache Berry Lv 100/Pokerus/Leaf Guard Swords Dance Leaf Blade Knock Off Return First come first serve!
  11. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Campfire Acceptance - Campfire

    Here's the campfire for This RP. Post all ooc stuff here.
  12. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Accepting Not Started Acceptance

    The Beggining - Arceus looked down at the world of Humans and Pokemon, saddened as to what it had become. Humans had become greedy and corrupted the world, and the Pokemon along with them. Watching this, Arceus decided that they cannot allow this to go on any further. "I will make a world where...
  13. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Scramble Pokemon Universe Time! - A Fire Red Scramble - Chapter 3 - Team Rocket Encounter

    Okay, first things first, gotta get some stuff out of the way. Everything before this story hasn't reached the internet. Like, at all. So I need to explain some things The main protagonist, Aimee, hops universes. I haven't quite figured out how it started, but she has acquired six friends that...
  14. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    A Team Rainbow Rocket Grunt Answeres Questions

    So.. yea... just follow the AMA rules, and I can decide to skip questions if I deem them too personal. Ask away!
  15. Rainbow Rocket Grunt

    Randomizer LuluRina's Diamond Randomizer Potterlocke! Update 7 - A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    I kinda saw Potterlocke somewhere on these forums and looked it up, and it seemed fun! So I'm gonna do it randomized! A randomized locke that I have not heard of before with a game that I have not finished! ...why do I do these things to myself?
  16. Rainbow Rocket Grunt


    Hi! I'm Lulu Rina! I've been playing Pokemon ever since I can remember. So... yea... hello.