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  1. Felly

    Miscellaneous Portfolio The Boosted Chronicles

    In which I attempt to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro by creating League of Legends themed videos. I may share other non-League related content here as well if I ever make anything outside of that, just for the sake of not wanting to make 50 million threads for my vids, but for the most...
  2. Felly

    What kind of Pusheen are you?

    I stumbled upon this quiz somewhere, Facebook maybe, or it might've popped up in my phone's news feed, I don't remember, but I thought I'd share it with the people here! I know there's at least one other person who likes Pusheen here, and regardless, it seems like a fun little quiz to take...
  3. Felly

    The Enneagram

    aka another personality test, but not the myers-briggs I stumbled upon this while browsing my phone's news feed, and I thought I'd share it here with everyone. It's essentially like the Myers-Briggs personality test most, if not all, of us already know about, but instead of a million different...
  4. Felly

    Miscellaneous Portfolio In which I hope a bullet journal helps me be more creative & organized

    Inspired by the other bullet journal portfolios here on the forums, I decided to make one of my own. I'm not really super artistic with my spreads, but I'm trying to be. Maybe sharing them here will help me be a little more artistic! I started bullet journaling in September 2017 when life...
  5. Felly

    You did it! ♥ [Share your accomplishments here!]

    Congratulations! You achieved your goal of whatever it was after much hard work! Now share your accomplishments with the rest of Marilland so we can all share in the joy with you! ♥ Big or small, achieving anything is important! I'll get us started~ Managed to climb back up to Bronze I in...
  6. Felly

    Tales of Crystalis

    Author’s Note: I originally intended this story to be for NaNoWriMo last year, but that ended up not happening because I was just far too busy to really work on it. I didn’t want to leave it unfinished though, so I decided to wrap it up now. Many of the chapters have already been written and...
  7. Felly

    Stray Demons

    Author’s Note: Hello, first time posting an actual story on Marilland outside of the monthly prompts! I was originally writing this for a Pokemon RPG, as I say in the story, but I ended up leaving the game before this story was finished and was able to be published there. I didn’t want to leave...
  8. Felly

    Graphics Felly's Graphics Corner

    Felly's Graphics Corner Hello! I'm Felly, and I make graphics. I use Photoshop CS6 for this purpose. I've been doing it on and off for about 10 years or so, but I've recently picked it up with the intent to improve and get better. I also enjoy making graphics for others because it opens my world...
  9. Felly

    Monthly Art Themes

    Would it be possible to get monthly art themes, similar to how the writing section has monthly themes? Three different options for what people can choose from, and then they can submit something if they want? I'm thinking it might help people get their creative juices flowing and posting more...
  10. Felly

    GO Pokemon Go Adventure Log

    I don't know how many people here actually play Pokemon Go, but I figured it'd be cool if we had a place where we could talk about our recent adventures in the game and share in each other's accomplishments! Post as often as you like (within the forum rules, of course!) and let everyone share in...
  11. Felly

    Graphics Portfolio Felly does art

    And sometimes it's not very good. Gonna try to keep this as updated as possible, but I'll kick this off with the set I made for myself on the forums. CnC is welcomed and appreciated!
  12. Felly

    I probably answer stuff here.

    And by probably, I mean I most likely will unless it's too personal or I just don't feel comfortable answering it. That'll probably be unlikely, but if it happens, I'll say as much. So ask me questions, and I'll answer 'em!
  13. Felly


    Hi!! I'm Felly. I've been around the forums before, tbh. I came to Marilland around the time it was bought out by Curse (or whatever happened there), or shortly before, I don't really remember, but I was never hella active. I was on Azurilland too, but again, not hella active. And now I'm here...