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    Accepting Started INANIS

    INANIS "Everybody's so quick to blame the alien." -Aeschylus -BEGIN MESSAGE- Welcome to the lounge, spacefarer. Please wait take a number and wait for the board to call it to learn of your quarters' location. Please refer to THIS POST if you are getting this message in error and have not yet...
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    Accepting Started INANIS LOUNGE

    INANIS "Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion." - Democritus RULES -BEGIN MESSAGE- Welcome, spacefarer. Before you register, please review our district's rules and click agree at the box at the bottom. ...We'll know if you didn't. 1: All units, robotic and...
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    The Tavern of Many Names

    taken from the official D&D website for freeeee The Tavern of Many Names A cordial welcome from the Game Master to you, dear players. Here you will find all types, from those who seek adventure in the wilds, slaying manner of beast and horror, to those that seek the thrill of a good gamble...
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    Ask Foolhard Stuff I Guess

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you know what to do. question counter: [ 4 ]
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    hahaha wow

    It's been a while since I've visited these forums, and surprisingly enough, the azurilland forums were shut down. After reading through the new forum and what I left on the old, I think I'm glad this happened. Anyway, I'm awful at introducing myself, but I certainly do love socializing in a...
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    Accepting The Godless Yore

    "Long ago, there lived beings, ones imbued with power over the world itself. They thrived in the anarchy of their age; there were no gods to watch over their nefarious deeds and no humans to impede their way. They swarmed the oceans with corruption, and the underground became consumed in their...