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  1. SergeantSunshine

    The Anime Club V.2 ♦ For The Marriland Anime Lovers!

    Username: SergeantSunshine Nickname: Cass/Sarge Gender: Female Favorite Character?: Soi Fon Favorite Anime Series/Movie?: Bleach and Dragon Ball Z Other: clannad
  2. SergeantSunshine

    Hello there

    Thanks, and i'll definitely check it out.
  3. SergeantSunshine

    Nuzlocke Randomizer Sarge's Platinum Randomized Nuzlocke

    PART 3: [insert clever title here]
  4. SergeantSunshine

    ♡ The Lonely Hearts Club ♡ - When You're around Me, I'm Radioactive

    Username: SergeantSunshine Nickname(s): Cass Gender (optional): female Relationship Status (optional): single ARE YOU LONELY?: yes, very lonely :sadazurill:
  5. SergeantSunshine

    Music ♫ What Are You Listening To? V5 ♫

    Omg yes! That picture is the greatest thing I've ever seen.
  6. SergeantSunshine

    Music ♫ What Are You Listening To? V5 ♫

    "I Say a Little Prayer" - Aretha Franklin
  7. SergeantSunshine

    Loudred's Lounge (Music Club) - WE SUPPORT RAINBOW ROCKET

    Username: SergeantSunshine Favorite band: I don't really a favorite band so I'll go with Taylor Swift Super Secret Password™: Lavender
  8. SergeantSunshine

    Alola Against the World: Another Pokemon Moon Challenge (Update 12: Conquest) (Complete)

    I love the creativity and effort put into this. I don't think I'd be able to do this at all lol.
  9. SergeantSunshine

    Pokémon The Challenger's Clan: Marriland Edition!

    Nickname: Sarge Name Color: #9365B8 Pokemon to represent you: Toucannon Ongoing challenges: Platinum Randomized Nuzlocke Past challenges: Monotype (Black 2), Soul Link (Heart Gold), and Nuzlocke (Emerald). All of which failed except the Nuzlocke. Other: Pokemon
  10. SergeantSunshine

    Nuzlocke Randomizer Sarge's Platinum Randomized Nuzlocke

    Alright so one of the first things I wanted to do here was a nuzlocke. The last one I did didn't go so well, but I have a good feeling about this one. I chose Platinum because it's the only game I haven't played more than once and I heard it's quite hard So Soat should be it for now, wish me...
  11. SergeantSunshine

    Hello there

    Yeah, it's kinda crazy lol. Ah ok, thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely get to reading them.
  12. SergeantSunshine

    Hello there

    Yeah, I've been planning on replacing it but never got to it and I'm also kinda broke right now. I was convinced by my grandpa, who was in the Marines, to join and I wasn't too keen about it because I expected tons of yelling, I've heard crazy stories about drill sergeants, and I didn't want...
  13. SergeantSunshine

    Hello there

    It's definitely my favorite game, I've played it so many times but I lost it a few years ago which sucks and yeah there actually is a story behind my username. So I'm in MCJROTC which is like a mini high school marine corps thing and my rank is Sergeant. I'm one of the cadets in charge of...
  14. SergeantSunshine

    Over the Rainbow - An LGBTQIA+ Support Club || Show Your Pride!!

    Username: SergeantSunshine Pokémon to represent you: Toucannon Preferred pronoun: She/her Identity: Lesbian
  15. SergeantSunshine

    Hello there

    Hey everyone, new member here. I love talking about Pokemon so I've been checking around for some places to do that, so here I am. Been a fan for 10 years, my first game was Heart Gold, and my favorite types are flying and ice. Hope you all are having a wonderful.