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  1. Pikampy

    Just caught a shuckle with a masterball

    :shuckle: SHUCKLE :shuckle:
  2. Pikampy

    My Pokémon games tierlist

    PS:Remakes will not be included S BW/BW2 - DPP A RSE - GSC B SM/USUM C X&Y D RBY Reasoning - Lets start bottom to top. RBY - I played about 2/3 of it and...Its bad...Really bad to ok. The pokémons feel boring and lazy,new Pokémon Bull with two more tails...And let's make Over Powered. The...
  3. Pikampy

    Hello!I'm Pikampy

    Howdy,Im pikampy and new to this forum So let me introduce my self, What's your favorite Pokémon? My favorite Pokémon is Buizel followed by Lopunny and Weavile Whats your favorite Pokémon game My favorite Pokémpn game is BW and GSC What's your favorite type? My favorite type is ice type...