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  1. Gen 7 Want Looking for hidden abilities please~

    Good Evening everyone I am looking for the following Pokemon with hidden abilities; Zubat Pachirisu Many thanks in advance I can offer some pretty decent breeding rejects in exchange. 4-5ivs each.
  2. Looking For Ferrothorn/Ferroseed.

    That's brilliant. Thank you very much :)
  3. Looking For Ferrothorn/Ferroseed.

    I have pokemon moon, that would be really helpful. I have updated my info as well, please add me :)
  4. Looking For Ferrothorn/Ferroseed.

    Hi there guys, I am looking for a ferrothorn, I don't need on that's been bred as I am happy to do that part myself. I have plenty of well bred pokemon 4/5/6 IVs that I can trade in return. Many Thanks, Jace