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  1. Rydia

    Count as High as Possible Before Kat Posts

    Don't let Kat post, she smells bad. Also, 1.
  2. Rydia

    Portfolio Moving Forward: Brian's Artwork Portfolio

    Hey everybody! Here's my current art portfolio of my more current works. I'm not including old works because they're fugly so enjoy! At the moment, it's just drawings but I'll probably add GFX sometime in the future. As usual, they are ordered from oldest to newest.
  3. Rydia

    Rydia's AMA: Ask me anything and get a bad response back

    Heyo, starting up my AMA again. If anybody's curious about my life, here's the place to ask!
  4. Rydia

    It's ya boi, Brian

    Yo what up. I'm here. Not really sure exactly what to say, so uh, yeah! Here's my intro thread.