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  1. BasedJarrod

    Tournament Marriland Draft League Season 3

    Hello Marrilanders! I am your host Jarrod, and after a good few weeks of planning and reconstruction, we are back for this year's Draft League! What is Draft? - Draft league is a format where, instead of everyone being able to use every Pokemon at their disposal battling against other trainers...
  2. BasedJarrod

    The Pokemon Viability Project 2

    I want to continue this series because it's a very fun idea, making Pokemon that naturally are worse off/much worse off become better with some buffs. This thread is made because the last post in the old one was made in late February, so per the rules, this is now here. For the second coming, I...
  3. BasedJarrod

    Little Cup Tourney Feedback

    Y’all know what it is. Post thoughts about the tourney here.
  4. BasedJarrod

    Tournament Little Cup Tournament!

    Welcome, everyone! I am Jarrod, the host of the Little Cup Tournament! In this tournament, we will be competing against one another with Basic Stage Pokémon (that are capable of evolving) to see whomst on the Marriland Forums displays the proficiency required of a true Little Cup battler. We...
  5. BasedJarrod

    Tournament Future Tourney Poll

    Hello guys and gals! As the host for the next tourney, I would like to hear what you all think the next tier should be! We have recently done UU, RU, and NU, and with Smash Camp coming up, I think it would be the best interest to deviate from the standard OU/UU/RU tiers. So with that in mind...
  6. BasedJarrod

    All Hail Giovanni...

    Pay your respects to our Lord, for he shall show us the way!
  7. BasedJarrod

    BasedJarrod AMA

    Ask me ****. I’m bored and I feel like I am just now removing myself from the Pokémon-only bubble again.
  8. BasedJarrod

    Nuzlocke Jarrod's Pokemon White Nuzlocke!

    Hello guys! I'm Jarrod, and since I'm already partaking in the Pokemon Platinum Hunger Games Randomizer Nuzlocke, I figured that now would be a good time to do my own nuzlocke, but with the 5th Generation instead. There's an added bonus of having Spring Break next week as well, so I can focus...
  9. BasedJarrod

    Osh Hath Returned

    It’s good to get a fresh start with a familiar (but technically new) forum. I missed seeing Marriland on the forum address tbh. Maybe that’ll inspire me to be active. For now no promises, but I missed y’all.