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  1. Revan


    Ok so Messy has come back and told me in my mind that we need to ban all non Rainbow Rocket members, plus Bubba. Now, Bubba can't see this or else all is doomed and we'll all be banned, but who's with me??????? Messy wants me as head admin and I second that idea.
  2. Revan

    Gen 6 Want smutty

    yo wassup dawgz I'm lookin' for da smutty which is famous in Pokemon DisCord. it's the lilfella except not rly it's da pink kitty which evolves via moon stone in ORAS. y'all KNOW this Pokemon! I have a Professor Kukui that is Level 100 with Rip Off Shirt, Take off Glasses, Fake It, and Get Beat...
  3. Revan

    Revan('s AMA) Reborn

    Hi feel free to ask me stuff, but I reserve the right to not answer anything I don't want to answer.
  4. Revan

    GO Pokemon GO Events

    Pokemon GO has had a lot of events both in-game and in real life ever since Halloween 2016. Some events have had increased spawns or new research tasks focusing on specific type(s), others have included bonuses such as double candy, and others still have introduced new shiny Pokemon into the...
  5. Revan

    Last Letter, First Letter v4

    This is a simple game: the person above you will name a Pokemon and you have to say a Pokemon whose name starts with the last letter in the name of the Pokemon that the person above you said. Let's start with: Clefable
  6. Revan

    I'll have a Three Cheese Pizza with Extra Cheese and a side of Mac and Cheese (Restaurants)

    There are several different types of restaurants across the world, and even a two block radius of a city can have a huge variety of restaurants: some may serve pizza, some may serve breakfast food, others specialize in Indian food, etc. Which restaurants do you enjoy going to most? Why: is it...
  7. Revan

    Post an Insane Lie about the Person above You v2

    Not much to it, just what the title says. Be sure to follow all of the forum rules though!
  8. Revan

    PSMD SUPER MYSTERY DUNGEON: Save our Squad! Rescue Mail Thread

    Your team of Pokemon has come across a tough dungeon and has wiped out! You don't have good Pokemon to rescue yourself, or you need someone else to rescue you. What do you do? Post here, of course! Other members of the forums can rescue you from dungeons that they have been to in the past...
  9. Revan

    I'm going to the Pokémon Gym to Work Out (Favorite Gym Designs/Dream Gym)

    The first six main Pokemon regions (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos) each had eight Pokemon gyms (or in the case of Unova more than eight when you consider both sets of main series games). Trainers had to conquer the eight gyms in each game, usually by solving a puzzle or answering...
  10. Revan

    GO The Pokémon GO Trainer Code Thread

    Pokémon GO: Trainer Codes Picture credit to the official Pokemon website It's been 3,000 2 years, and trading has come to Pokémon GO! But trading itself is just part of a smaller feature: friends! With friends, you can send and receive gifts from Poké Stops and Gyms that they have spun. From...