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  1. Kyogre386

    Want Hidden Ability Wooper/Quagsire

    Looking for a Wooper/Quagsire with Unaware. If there's anything that can be obtained in-game without external connectivity, I'd be willing to obtain it to trade in return, as long as it isn't prohibitively difficult in terms of probablility (eg a Shiny or 4-6 IV Ditto). Alternatively if anyone...
  2. Kyogre386

    RMT USUM OU Stall

    Trying to get an USUM OU Stall Team going. I haven't been able to find much material on stall ever since Arena Trap got banned way back when, but I've always preferred this playstyle. I've been experimenting with various Pokemon to see what I can get working. My preferred focus is hazard...
  3. Kyogre386

    Computer programming question

    Which one are you?
  4. Kyogre386

    How many times has this been?

    Checking out the new place. Which of course brings up memories of the old place (Cobalt theme <3). I lost track of how many times I've been in and out after I abandoned the Genius account (one of the earliest on the original forums!) and came back as Kyogre386, but hopefully this time it will...