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  1. AutumnLeafeon

    Autumn’s giving answers!

    This looks like so much fun! I’m excited to post some questions on other threads and answer some questions myself. I’d like the opportunity to get to know people better. :) I don’t mind what types of questions I’m asked, but I definitely reserve the right to not answer something if I don’t want...
  2. AutumnLeafeon

    Heart Combination

    Hello! I’m Autumn. Thank you for showing an interest in my story here. After years of collecting dust, I’m happy to be once again working on this fanfiction. This story has been through a lot, Despite only having the first handful of chapters actually written, but I feel it has come out better...
  3. AutumnLeafeon

    Here we go again~ Hello!

    Well hi there! I’m Autumn! I’m a long-time user of the Marriland forums, Almost going on nine years at this point, but I drifted away when things changed hands. I was super Active up until the point that all the people I had known started drifting away and there was no one else to talk with...