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  1. Reunilu

    Dumb/Silly Fails

    What kind of fails have you had while playing? I had one just a few minutes ago. I was trying to train my Wimpod and all of a sudden I found a shiny Cubone. No tricks, no Shiny Charm, nothing. I tried weakening it, forgetting about Wimpod’s ability, and ran away turn one. I’m absolutely dead...
  2. Reunilu

    Perceived Skill

    How would you perceive the amount of growth you've had since you started doing art? I think I've really improved my sketching over the past few years compared to others, but find my growth in coloring my art really lacking. It's probably because I've done way more sketching than finishing...
  3. Reunilu

    Pet Peeves

    What kind of pet peeves do you have? I have hyperhidrosis, so my hands have a tendency to sweat for no reason, other than touching certain textures like fake silk. ‘Cause of that, my hands will squeak against certain things and I absolutely hate the feel and sound of it.
  4. Reunilu

    Video Game OSTs

    Lets talk video game music, since there’s a VGM tourney thread. What do you like most in a video game soundtrack? Are there any in particular that stick out as being really unique among other tracks? Mine would definitely have to be the Nier and Nier Automata soundtracks. I love the...
  5. Reunilu

    What do you value most in a video game?

    Title. Personally I value story and gameplay equally. Like, say the Iga era Castlevanias. The story isn't very strong, but for me it's highly enjoyable because of the difficulty, especially for Order of Eccleia. As for story, I'd say... Nier Automata? I mean it's my favorite game for having fun...
  6. Reunilu

    Discussion Goals you set for yourself

    Or rather, art specific ones. What kind of not-so-far-flung dreams do you have about making art? For me, a long time ago it used to be that I wanted to make GFX that invokes the same feeling as something like in BakaArts videos. Now I’m an absolute sucker for K-dramas, so now my dream is to be...
  7. Reunilu

    Mobile Games

    So until about three years, ago, my opinion of mobile games were that they were for the casual player. Which is true to some extent, but after watching Japanese mobile games grow and flourish, my opinion of them is more of "in a busy world, mobile games have found their own niche". How do you...
  8. Reunilu

    Portfolio Winter Heat | Reun's Gallery

    So I've had a number of places where I keep all my stuff. I'm pretty unorganized about that stuff and I think it's about time I put it all together in a massive thread like I used to in the past. OP perpetually under construction, for now I'm much too tired to format it. Minor swear warnings...
  9. Reunilu

    Uwu? Uwu!

    Hello! My name's Reunilu, but close friends tend to call me Nagi or Shaymin, depending on who they are. I haven't been on a forum in a really long time, especially ones that still have GFX alive. Uhhh jeez how do I do an introduction thread again I don't remember I really like FFXIV, I'm an...