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  1. Reunilu

    Portfolio Winter Heat | Reun's Gallery

    I know. I try doing studies every so often so that I get better at it. The painting process in general is so overwhelming for me ‘cause I can’t dissect it the way I can for GFX.
  2. Reunilu

    How Tall Are You?

    I'm 4'10"/147 cm, aka 100% SHORT. I haven't grown an inch since elementary school and now I'm in college. I used to lament a lot about how I got the bad end of the genes since my dad is 5'11"/180 cm, but now I don't really care since no one ever sees me anyway.
  3. Reunilu

    What do you think of your name?

    Nah. I wish it were a name as nice as that! Hint: one of my names in AKA is the Japanese name for that person.
  4. Reunilu

    What do you think of your name?

    It's one of those not very common names. Happens to be the name of a Hoenn gym leader. It's actually very grating on my ears, but as much as I hate it, every time I try to have people call me something else, I just cringe at myself. The closest I've ever gotten to a name I can get used to in...
  5. Reunilu

    TV/Movies But that's not how it happened! - TV show/movie adaptations

    I have mixed feelings about TV adaptations. Like, on a personal level it's a lot easier (for me at least) to digest something like a TV show, but at the same time I also feel that typically adaptations try really hard to live up to their origins, but it doesn't work. Like for the original...
  6. Reunilu

    Video Game Difficulty

    Unless it's like an Igavania or something, I'll go with normal. I don't want the game to be boring, but I don't want the game's difficulty to impede my progress.
  7. Reunilu

    Portfolio Winter Heat | Reun's Gallery

    First colored thing in a long time. I am in love with I Am Not A Robot. What a great show.
  8. Reunilu

    Rhythm Games

    I ADORE rhythm games. I played osu! for four years since 2011 and then stopped playing so regularly because my computer(s) couldn’t take the new changes. I still remember when beatmap backgrounds were only in 4:3 ratios and I got really pissed when they became 16:9. I can remember when osu! rank...
  9. Reunilu

    favorite human character

    I have a deep love for Lillie. She’s the kind of character that I wanna protect and I loved seeing her grow throughout S/M’s story.
  10. Reunilu

    Dumb/Silly Fails

    What kind of fails have you had while playing? I had one just a few minutes ago. I was trying to train my Wimpod and all of a sudden I found a shiny Cubone. No tricks, no Shiny Charm, nothing. I tried weakening it, forgetting about Wimpod’s ability, and ran away turn one. I’m absolutely dead...
  11. Reunilu

    Perceived Skill

    How would you perceive the amount of growth you've had since you started doing art? I think I've really improved my sketching over the past few years compared to others, but find my growth in coloring my art really lacking. It's probably because I've done way more sketching than finishing...
  12. Reunilu

    How did you get your username?

    For a while, my username was ssshaymin. Something about the scene in Giratina and the Sky Warrior made me think that naming a boat after Shaymin was cool. So, S. S. Shaymin. My current username came from a journal that I read from an artist on deviantart. She doesn't exist anymore since she had...
  13. Reunilu

    What Kind of Phone Do You Own?

    Good ol' iPhone SE in rose gold. Pretty much as pristine as it can get, albeit little less battery life than it used to. Didn't really care about the price, just really appreciated that it had physical aesthetic of the iPhone 5, I don't really like the newer bigger phones. ^^; I kinda miss the...
  14. Reunilu

    Music ♫ What Are You Listening To? V5 ♫

    What the heck? I was never into idol K-pop groups, but this is an awesome song.
  15. Reunilu

    Post your desktop/phone background

    I love FFXIV very much as you can see
  16. Reunilu

    Music Guilty Pleasure Songs

    Definitely High Tension by AKB48. It’s lacking all the things I want in a song like strong vocals and vocal range and the snapping feels really pointless, but I enjoy it anyway. Frankly all AKB48 songs are pretty much like this for me, but this is the only song I listen to on a consistent basis.
  17. Reunilu

    Woah! They're just like me! (What character are you most like?)

    I relate a lot to Han Yeo Reum from Where Stars Land. She’s clumsy, says sorry a lot, and pretends everything is fine, but is secretly done with people sometimes. Also, I’m extremely bad at directions to a place. Another character I relate to is absolutely Baek Soo Ji from Let’s Eat 2. I can...
  18. Reunilu

    Pet Peeves

    What kind of pet peeves do you have? I have hyperhidrosis, so my hands have a tendency to sweat for no reason, other than touching certain textures like fake silk. ‘Cause of that, my hands will squeak against certain things and I absolutely hate the feel and sound of it.
  19. Reunilu

    The Happy Thread

    Chae Soo Bin in general, but like. This video. (Chae Soo Bin is the girl pointed out on the thumbnail) She's trying to do K-pop dances. I only recognize the second one, which is MOMOLAND - Bboom Bboom, and not only is it really cute, but like it's so good to see someone I admire be normal...
  20. Reunilu

    Portfolio Winter Heat | Reun's Gallery

    Random sketch. I wanted to draw DDLC stuff, but got really frustrated, so this was supposed to be a nothing drawing that turned out somewhat decent. I also wanna make a Twitter based story and thought this could be implemented somehow? I've always loved creating stories, but never have the...