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  1. gylfie

    Miscellaneous The Marriland Sketch Cafe [drawpile]

    Hey everyone! I thought it would be a fun idea to get some people to draw together using Drawpile and share the end result in this thread. Drawpile is a free software that allows users to draw online on the same canvas in real time. It also has a text chat, but typing while you're drawing can...
  2. gylfie

    October 2019: Drawing Challenge Month

    It's that time of year again! Lots of drawing challenges pop up in October, so share your work here if you're participating in any! This includes, but isn't limited to Inktober, OCtober, Drawtober and Drawlloween. You can follow prompt lists or make a comic panel each day or just draw whatever...
  3. gylfie

    Vocaloid, and so on

    fangurlz rise up posting this on miku's birthday because she's our queen :whistleazurill: We've had clubs and threads about it on the old forums, so here's a new one to talk about everything related to vocal synthesizers. This can include anything from Vocaloid and UTAU to Chipspeech and...
  4. gylfie

    Miscellaneous Mermay 2019

    It's that time of year again! Mermay 2019 Created by animator Tom Bancroft, Mermay is a month-long art challenge to draw mermaids every day for the month. You can use any medium, follow prompts or just do your own thing! It's no big deal if you miss days; it's about forming positive drawing...
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    idk ask me stuff im bored and want attention
  6. gylfie

    Discussion "hey! can i look through your sketchbook?"

    let's talk about sketchbooks! sketchbooks are very personal and everyone likes to use theirs differently. so i'm curious: what do marrilanders' sketchbooks look like? have some fun questions! -soft or hard cover? -what kind of paper? (like mixed media or thinner/thicker paper) -do you use any...
  7. gylfie

    Portfolio gylfie's Artwork - the journey continues

    hey! i'll miss the old thread, but i'm so happy that i can continue to share my art with you all here!! i may not update very frequently, but i'll do my best to post something here every couple of months at least! so here's some stuff i've done in the last little while :-) if you'd like...
  8. gylfie

    well uh

    I don’t think I ever made one of these on the forums when they were at curse so I may as well make one now. I’m an animation student and I draw pretty much all the time, so some of you have probably seen me around the art section here and on azuri. I like the Legend of Zelda, the Bravely...