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  1. Ferret_Mustard

    Favorite Pokémon Gimmick?

    I've always thought that the Cherrim forms were a nice touch. Most gimmicks never work, though...what's your favorite?
  2. Ferret_Mustard

    What battle do you dread the most in any Pokémon game?

    I must admit: that May battle after Slateport in Emerald will always kill me.
  3. Ferret_Mustard

    Pokemon Nuzlocke Vs.

    I'm not fully sure of what this is called (the nuzlocke) but I saw a post from a little while back asking for a co-op. I decided not to revive that thread and I would like to ask if anybody else is interested! I have access to a wide variety of games, so any plain* run is suitable for me. The...
  4. Ferret_Mustard

    New here!

    Hi guys! I'm Dan, and I have been playing Pokemon for just 4 years now. I started playing in Emerald. My favorite Pokémon are Flygon, Kangaskhan, and obviously Furret. (Am I doing this right?)