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  1. omnihelios

    LF Legendary tradebacks

    Hi everyone, Id have yet another favor to ask. Im almost done with the National Dex on my Omega Ruby playthrough, only missing a couple legendaries here and there. Now, some of these I could catch in game, but since Im planning on soft resetting for shinies and I need the charm for that, that...
  2. omnihelios

    Gen 6 Want Need Porygon and Chansey

    Hi everyone, Im currently attempting to complete the national dex and Im sure you know how daunting it can be. Im almost done with Kanto Pokémon but Im still missing Porygon and Chansey (the legendary birds too, actually).. dont have much to offer besides a few breedables: DB HA Dratini DB HA...
  3. omnihelios

    Help with tradebacks

    Hi, Im in need of some assistance completing the regional dex in Omega Ruby. Im only missing the Regi trio, Kyogre, Rhyperior and Dusknoir (Jirachi too, but is it required to finish the dex?) If someone would be willing to trade me these mons, only for them to be traded back right away, it'd be...
  4. omnihelios

    Back after a (long) while

    Hi everyone! It's great to be back. I was a former member known as "Aegis" back on Azurilland a couple years (!!!) ago. Got caught up in life and gradually went more and more inactive on the old forums.. this time though, Im planning on staying 😊 Hopefully Ill get to meet a couple old friends...