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  1. -Rosen

    Games-Oriented Discord Server Interest Thread

    We've had some recent discussion in the Discord server about adding bots to the server to play several games that may be better suited for Discord (namely Mafia, which is made incredibly simple through bot presence, among other things), though since it's looking like there won't be any kinds of...
  2. -Rosen

    User Input Suggestion Tag & One Other Minor Thing

    Didn't see a suggestion tag when I came in to make the thread for what I actually wanted to make it for, so that'll be my first little thing before I get to the other. Having a suggestion tag would simply keep things easier to organize in this sub-forum, rather than keeping it so broad as "User...
  3. -Rosen

    Marriland Mafia: A Return to A Simple Tale (Endgame: Town & Chatterbox Win!)

    Mafia: A Return to A Simple Tale Nothing more than a return to our roots...what could go wrong? Day 1 What is Mafia? Mafia is a game (also known as Werewolf or Town of Salem, if you've heard of those) wherein two primary factions (the Town and the Mafia) compete in order to eliminate the...
  4. -Rosen

    Mafia Interest Thread

    With the transition to the new forums taking place almost three weeks ago now, and some new openings in my schedule, I figure now is as good a time as any to talk about Mafia. As you guys know, the last installment of Azurilland Mafia was over 6 months ago now, and after that game, the...
  5. -Rosen

    Seamless images?

    I'm wondering if there's any possible way to make it so that images in signatures can be stacked next to each other with no gap in between. As you can see with my current signature, the full image is divided so as to provide space for individual URLs in each image, but the images are separated...
  6. -Rosen

    Ask Cleb Anything!

    Sure I'll make one of these and inevitably have it die in like two days but it's fine ^^
  7. -Rosen

    Hi I'm New

    Hope I can have a good time here ^^