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  1. The Griddler

    The Griddler Vs. Digimon: Digital Card Battle - Wait, This Isn't a Pokemon Game Edition

    "Griddler, what the **** are you doing," I hear you ask. "Girl, nobody's gonna read a Digimon Let's Play on a Pokemon forum, you're embarrassing yourself." But you see, that's where you're wrong, kiddos. I'm always embarrassing myself, this ain't new. And so, I welcome you to my screenshot LP of...
  2. The Griddler

    Café Marriland - Come Dine With Us!

    Café Marriland Do you like food? Of course you do, everyone likes food. But do you really like food? Do you enjoy talking about it, taking pictures of it or making it? Café Marriland is a place to do just that. Here, members can share recipes, talk about cooking, discuss the latest dishes...
  3. The Griddler

    Monotype The Griddler Vs. Crystal - Normal Monotype Playthrough

    Welcome to my Monotype run of Pokémon Crystal! Yup, just Leaf Green wasn't enough. This time around, we're going to be doing a Monotype run, specifically of the Normal type. Why Normal? Well, for one, because the good people of the Discord suggested it. For two, it's because Johto has a wealth...
  4. The Griddler

    Griddle Me This (Griddler AMA)

    Ey whatup I don't really know how these things are supposed to be opened up but I am here to answer questions as they're asked.
  5. The Griddler

    Advancement Opportunities

    Hi, I just recently joined Team Rainbow Rocket and I was just wondering how many Pokemon I would need to steal in order to qualify for executive status. Icask because I just like the executive uniform more and would like to make the change as quickly as possible. Fashion is passion.
  6. The Griddler

    Scramble The Griddler Vs. Leaf Green - Scramble Playthrough

    Hey everybody. Welcome to my Scramble Challenge playthrough of Pokemon Leaf Green. Let me walk you through the rules that I'm going to be adhering to as I play through this adventure. I need to use a specific team of six Pokemon hand-picked by the members of this forum. They are: Squirtle...
  7. The Griddler

    Writing Fresh off the Griddle

    Hey all. So I do a handful of writing things every now and then and I figured I would share my work as I do it with all of you. I've done quite a few pieces for r/writingprompts so I figured that'd be a good place to start! Here are my current works, the prompts that inspired them, and a link to...
  8. The Griddler

    The Ten Terrible Taints of Theatrics: A Film Review Series

    Hello all. It was mentioned in my introduction thread that I watch and review assorted bad movies with my wife and friends. With their permission, I figured I would share the reviews I wrote as a personal initiative, as well as share the system we use when reviewing these sorts of movies. Every...
  9. The Griddler

    Anyways here's Wonderwall (except instead of Wonderwall it's me introducing myself)

    Hello, I wound up here after searching for somewhere that had rules for challenge runs posted, I... think I'm new? I might have been on the old site but if I was it was several years ago and I don't remember it, I'm just getting this vague sense of deja vu. Anyways, I'm Griddle. I have pretty...