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  1. Varhii

    Tournament Marriland Forums Draft League 2019

    It's that time of year again! Welcome to Draft League! What is a Draft League? A Draft League is a competition where, rather having the ability to use any Pokémon to build a team, you are limited to about a dozen Pokémon that you select during a draft. Because of the limited pool of Pokémon...
  2. Varhii

    Marriland Draft League Tier Preparations

    Draft League isn't going to start until August, but there are several thing I want to get out of the way as I begin to prep for it. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, last year I ghosted a draft league that was a blast for most players involved and it's getting close to the time...
  3. Varhii

    The Ultimate Animal Tournament

    Which animal is the best? Let's find out. Everyone will nominate a maximum of 5 animals and then we will pit them in a tournament to see which one is the best. These animals will then be randomly seeded into a bracket and we will see which animal comes out on top. One does not have to nominated...
  4. Varhii

    [SERIOUS] The Great Chick-Fil-A Debate

    Recently a discord discussion happened that sparked from me connecting a Giratina named Papa John to Chick-Fil-A in a series of posts. In this debate, positions were taken and the argument was requested to continue here. So here it is. My question for @Typhlosion that is mainly inspired by...
  5. Varhii

    Proposing a Change to Double Posting

    So when I host events, sometimes I want to double post to better divide information in terms of announcements or when I'm participating in my own event. I know this issue has also cropped up for other members in other events too. The fact that I want to ping people also adds to this dilemma as I...
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    The Insult Bubba Thread

    This should be a useful place for many purposes.
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    Here's a fun game, come up with hashtags to protest the regime.
  8. Varhii

    We Will Not Be Censored

    **** Team Rocket.
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  10. Varhii

    Best of Discord

    This is a place for posting the discussions in Discord that you find to be the best whether they are comedic, heartwarming, or tearjerking. This is being made mainly because while one can technically go back and read all the history in the discord, they cannot find certain great convos as...
  11. Varhii

    Looking Back

    With the future Pokemon games looking like they'll never call themselves home on the 3DS again, I think it's time to look back at all the Pokemon games that came out during the 3DS's lifespan. In this time we've received numeorus main series games along with a handful of spin-offs I'll list them...
  12. Varhii

    Knocking on Heaven's Gate - A Mafia-Less Mafia Game - OVER - Cult Wins

    It's the mid 70s and Marshall Applewhite and his wife have stumbled on something. Something big. Extraterrestrials not only exist, but they are here to take us to heaven. After coming into contact with the extraterrestrials they have a plan to get as many people to those pearly gates. What they...
  13. Varhii

    Sword/Shield What Features Do You Want in Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Personally, and I know this is a long shot, but I want there to be custom rules for formats with the more popular seeded at the top. It's be cool to have a Smogon OU battle on the cartridges or even a lower tier without having to worry about your opponent bringing weird Pokemon or a bunch of...
  14. Varhii

    Nuzlocke Randomizer Randomizer Bonanza - Varhii Feat. Black 2

    Meh, that Platinum story idea didn't work out. Anyway, I want to do some run and have some logs here cause I do a bunch of challenges but never upload proof. Anyway, onto the rules. Nuzlocke Rules: You may only catch the first Pokemon in each area. If a Pokemon faints it is dead. All Pokemon...
  15. Varhii

    Anime Recommendation Thread

    Ever been stuck wondering what anime to watch? Ever wanted to tell everyone about an anime that they really should watch? Well this is the place for you! Here you can either pick an anime that sounds good to you from other member's recommendations or share one you think many others may like. It...
  16. Varhii

    RMT Some Mega-Lopunny Team I Made

    I ended up making this team pretty much right after Zygarde got banned. I've always really liked what Mega Lopunny can bring to the team as a late game cleaner along with its general pressure within a battle so I formed a team around it. In my opinion, it's pretty bad. I feel this is most...
  17. Varhii

    Nintendo Direct - 2/13/2019

    A new Nintendo Direct came out today! What are your thoughts on it? What are you looking forward to? What are you disappointed by? what are your reactions?
  18. Varhii

    The Legendary Ball - FINALS - KAORI WINS

    How many seats each participant can take: @Calaf - 4 @Moxie - 2 @Kaori - 3 @BasedJarrod - 3 @seaturtle - 1 @Eevee - 1 @Null - 3 Seats available: 1. Null's Giratina 2. Calaf's Azelf 3. Moxie's Celebi 4. Kaori's Celebi 5. Null's Azelf 6. BasedJarrod's Regice 7. seaturtle's Mew 8...
  19. Varhii

    The Platinum Projects - Update 1: Big Bang

    Some people call to us to remember that we came from dust and one day we will return to being dust. Some say that we are made of stardust and the remnants of long dead exploding stars. I say that only a few lucky people can become stars.
  20. Varhii

    Gen 6 Want Suicune For Maison Streaks (Received)

    Hi, I've been wanting to get back into attempting streaks at the Battle Maison and to have a fair shot, in my opinion, I need a Suicune to help round out my team. I'd like the Suicune to have perfect IVs in all but Attack and have a Bold nature. I understand that this is a tall request, but if...