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  1. chidzz

    Scramble Chidzz's Diamond Scramble Challenge

    G'day friends, I'm starting my first ever challenge on this forum! I'm super excited to start this scramble challenge. My tem will eventually consist of the following: I will be importing a level 5 Eevee as my starter and a Yanma egg which I will be hatching after I receive the first gym...
  2. chidzz

    Go ahead and ask this newbie anything!

    Hey guy, I'm new to this community and want to get to know as many people as I can. I think it's also fair that I put myself out there and let evryone know what I'm all about. I will pretty much answer anything unfiltered (as long as it's appropriate for this forum, of course)! Just to get...
  3. chidzz

    Hey friends!

    Hey guys, I've had this account for a while, but never actually used the forums. Hopefully, now I'll be a more active member of the community. Just a bit about me: I got into Pokemon around 12-13 years ago when Diamond and Pearl came out. Naturally, fourth gen is my favourite gen, if only for...