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  1. Ruellia

    Favorite/Least Favorite Galar Region Pokemon?

    So what are your favorites and least favorite Pokemon from the new generation?? Personally I adore the Appletun line very much!! I also enjoy Wooloo, Corviknight, Alcremie, Hatterene, Centiskorch, Cramorant, Sandaconda, Runerigus, Galar Ponyta, Polteageist,Falinks Frosmoth, and some other...
  2. Ruellia

    Typing Speed Test~

    So I saw a speed test thread and was immediately like "omg is this for typing??" and it turned out it wasn't so I decided to make this thread. :0 Here's my first result idrc about taking it again unless someone beats meee
  3. Ruellia

    Spicy Foods!!

    How spicy can you handle your food?? What's the spiciest food you've tried and how did it make you feel :o The spiciest foods I remember eating were both Korean dishes that I bought at my fav grocery chain, H-Mart. One of the dishes was called tteokbokki and apparently I mistakenly bought the...
  4. Ruellia

    What do you think of your name?

    So names identify us and such, but we don't get to choose them! So what do you personally think of your own name? Do you actually like your name... or just content w/ it... dislike it? What would you change your name to if given the opportunity?? If you don't want to reveal your name you can...
  5. Ruellia

    Ask me something? :0

    Umm hi hi! ^_^; Call me Melty! Keeping my real name private for now. I'm not very well known and such, but I kinda wanna change that somehow, so I hope no one minds asking an obscure person some questions. :') I'm a fun loving person, a thrill seeker, and I'm super easy to make laugh. Some of...
  6. Ruellia

    Cooking & Recipes!

    Hey everyone! I dunno how many people here are into cooking/baking but it's something I truly love to do! I usually cook or bake something daily, and I experiment with healthy low carb and/or paleo friendly options because health is something I care very deeply about. So are there any fellow...
  7. Ruellia

    It's Super Effective!

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, so I thought I should make myself useful by gracing this cozy little forum with a fun game! The rules to this game are simple, I think! All you gotta do is use a super effective move against the previous Pokemon. For instance: Melty: Grottle used Absorb! Someone...
  8. Ruellia

    Hey. c:

    Umm hi everyone!! I'm new here... umm yeah!! Super bad at intros lol but I'm trying. ^^; Anyway, if anyone's wondering, I was technically around during the old Marriland/Azurriland days, but I was never terribly active. I've also been a part of a couple of Pokeforums in the past, and I've made...