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  1. Moonwatcher

    Nuzlocke Scramble Moonwatcher's Y Scramble-Nuzlocke

    I've been meaning to document one of my Nuzlockes for a while now, and with the abrupt end of my previous attempt, now is as good a time as any to start. I didn’t die in the tutorial rival battle, which was good. In fact, Ophelia’s first attack of the game procced it’s burn to add some...
  2. Moonwatcher

    AMA: Moonwatcher version

    So, umm... Yeah. Ask me anything you want. Or don't, that's fine too. (Though I would appreciate it if you did. :3) No restrictions on questions, just that I reserve the right not to answer if it makes me too uncomfortable.
  3. Moonwatcher

    Rrrghgraw! (That's dragon for Hello)

    Greeting everyone. So, um, I'm Moonwatcher. I've been a pokemon fan since the anime was first shown in english; I had a Charizard plush instead of a teddy bear, which still lives in my room guarding a pile of books. I properly got into the games when I got a Gamecube & Gameboy converter thingy...