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  1. Merushii

    Multi-Community Writing Competition

    Hello everyone! A Discord community known as Canalave Library has approached us with the invitation to participate in a multi-community Pokémon fan writing event. Straight from the invitation: While the exact details have not been finalized yet, the staff think it would be an excellent way for...
  2. Merushii

    ♡- Ask a Meru Anything! -♡

    Herro~! (^//▽//^)/ The image may not be relevant but it has Solar and I miss Solar. Have some Solar shenanigans! Feel free to ask me anything~ Been a while since I've had one of these and they're fun! I hope it's fun for you guys too~ n.n
  3. Merushii

    March 21st, 2019: Various Discord Changes

    Hello fellow Marrilanders! Today we bring you news of some Discord changes. With the Discord operating as an extension of our forums, the staff decided that aligning the rules (and warnings) was for the best. This brought along several associated changes, as well as a few side snippets, so...
  4. Merushii

    March 18th, 2019 — Welcome Our New Moderators!

    Hello fellow Marrilanders! Thank you all once again for your interest — we received so many great applications, and while we can only take a few of you onto the team, we are so appreciative of all of the love and passion you guys poured into your applications. With that said, for those of you...
  5. Merushii

    Moderator Applications Are Open!

    [Edit 3/12/19] Thank you all for your interest! Applications have closed, and we plan to announce the new staff members soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement! Hello fellow Marrilanders! We have reached a point for our staff team where recruiting new members is necessary — so we are...
  6. Merushii


    I've been writing news consistently for a couple of years now. These articles were readily available on the front page of Azurilland and posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. I took news over a while after we switched to Azurilland not because I wanted to compete with other news sites or...
  7. Merushii

    ♥- Marriland Secret Santa 2018 -♥ — Merry Christmas! The gifts are in! ♥

    [dewott artist credit] Happy December! Our annual Secret Santa event is here once more! This is an event in which many people sign up to give gifts anonymously through a non-participating source — and once the deadline is reached, the gifts are posted here with no names attached for all to see...
  8. Merushii

    📖 °Monthly Writing Prompts° 📖

    Be one a professional writer, a roleplayer, or a casual dabbler, there is one sure way to improve the craft: lots of practice! Once a month, between three and five prompts — varied between Pokémon and non-Pokémon — will be posted. Users may write about any number of these, several different...
  9. Merushii

    📖 Rules of the Library 📖

    📖 Rules for Authors 📖 Be wary of plagiarism — Plagiarism, which is against the rules, is the act of copying someone else's work and claiming it as one's own. If this is found to be true for any thread, it will not be tolerated. We want to see original works from our users, not something that...
  10. Merushii

    Staff Leave of Absence Thread

    Staff Leave of Absence ✧ [staff list] ✧ — So that you know who is around or taking a break! Staff will post here if they need to be away for a period of time to let you guys know. This thread is locked to public replies. If you see it open for some reason, please do not post in it!