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  1. Dragonite

    Dream Thread (of the sleep variety)

    Most days I don't remember my dreams, but I had a really weird one last night. It involved me going to the beach, except I was going down the highway on a bicycle, which was apparently also flying. It seemed perfectly logical at the time, I swear. anybody got any good ones?
  2. Dragonite

    a very critical question

    as a pseudo-legendary from team rocket's home region am i going to have to go into hiding, or should i be first in line to sign up?
  3. Dragonite

    4x weak to winter, AMA

    There are at least three other things I should be doing currently, and yet here I am. Answers will be approximately as serious as the questions but other than that I'll try to keep the memes to a minimum. Have at it!
  4. Dragonite

    Adventure Rules

    In an age long ago I was a member of forums galore, but now it's 2018 and almost all of them no longer exist, which is quite sad. And then BreeZaps invited me here, and it looks pretty great. I look forward to talking to you all!