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  1. Calaf

    Nuzlocke Calaf's Pokemon SoulSilver Chesslocke -- Part 11: The Pokemon League

    Hey guys! After some technical difficulties ended my last challenge prematurely, I have risen from the ashes to start up this new challenge! Due to the quarantaine, I have a lot of free time on my hands and what better way to spend it than to come back to one of my favorite games in the...
  2. Calaf

    Wedlocke [Cancelled] Calaf's Pokemon Platinum Wedlocke

    Okay, real talk. I didn't plan on recording this challenge. Last week, I started up a casual Wedlocke challenge on Pokemon Platinum while I had quite a bit of spare time over the holidays. I didn't mean to have it be a serious, recorded challenge run, just a little playthrough to pass some time...
  3. Calaf

    Nuzlocke Calaf's Pokemon Emerald Chesslocke - FINALE

    Hey guys! Welcome to this Chesslocke challenge! I've been wanting to try out this challenge ever since @Moxie did one on White 2 and I've finally gotten around to it! I figured I'd play this on Emerald, as I played that game more than any other Pokemon game (by a landslide) and this should be an...
  4. Calaf

    Ask Calaf Anything

    Hey there! I thought it'd be fun to do one of these, so ask me anything!
  5. Calaf

    [Revival] Calaf's SoulSilver White Mono-Color Challenge! - Part 4: Foggy Memories

    Hey guys! Welcome to this new challenge! Althought I've been quite busy due to my participation in the Nuzlocke Hunger Games, I've been having a bit more time again recently, so I've been itching to do a regular challenge! I would have continued my White 2 Wedlocke, but due to... cough cough...
  6. Calaf

    Wedlocke [FINALE] Calaf's Pokemon White 2 Wedlocke Challenge

    Hey there and welcome to my first challenge on the forums! I figured I’d keep the rules basic for my first run here, so I will be attempting a Wedlocke challenge on White 2. I have tried multiple Wedlocke challenges in the past and although I came quite far on some, I haven’t actually finished...
  7. Calaf

    Hey there

    Hey guys! I've been watching Marriland's videos for a long time and I used to come across the old forums every once in a while, but I never ended up making an account back then. When I found out about the move, I figured I'd go ahead and join! I'm 21 years old, I'm from the Netherlands and a...