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  1. Info & Updates Thread

    Posting: Same rules as the other forum, there are 48 hours from when the last update post was made to make your move. If the 48 hours pass, I will randomize your move. I am not going to seek you out as I trust you guys can keep track and post when need be. In the event of a team battle, I will...
  2. Ongoing Party 2 VS Ruin Guardians

    HP: 100 | MP: 20 HP: 100 | MP: 20 HP: 100 | MP: 20 HP: 100 | MP: 20 Decayed Guardian HP: 100 | MP: 20 Red Bokoblin HP: 100 | MP: 20 Red Bokoblin HP: 100 | MP: 20 Blue Bokoblin HP: 150 | MP: 20 Party 2 rolls 6. Ruin Guardians roll 90. Ruin Guardians will move first.
  3. Ongoing Party 1 VS The Guards of Gariland

    HP: 100 | MP: 20 HP: 100 | MP: 20 HP: 100 | MP: 20 HP: 100 | MP: 20 Squire A HP: 100 | MP: 20 Item: Potion Squire B HP: 100 | MP: 20 Item: Dry Potion Squire C HP: 100 | MP: 20 Knight HP: 150 | MP: 20 Party 1 Rolls 34. The Guards of Gariland Rolls 95. The Guards of Gariland...
  4. The General Database

    The Story so Far Various warriors from many scattered worlds suddenly found themselves within an arena of sorts, greeted by a shadowed, cloaked figure. The figure forced them into battles against their will with the other fighters that had been gathered there, though it prevented the death and...
  5. Sign-up Thread

    All current sign-ups have been edited and accepted. Still accepting new sign-ups from anyone.
  6. General Discussion and Challenge Thread

    Here, you may challenge other characters to battles in the coliseum. These battles have no effect on the story. You may also just chat about the story itself or casually talk if you think a character is OP or not. Go crazy.
  7. The Character Database

  8. Sign-up Thread

    You can sign up here. Make sure to read the Info & Updates thread first before signing up. Do note that we also must review each sign-up sheet before accepting. Here's an example of a sign-up sheet: Blank Sign-up Sheet:
  9. The General Database

    This thread will have information relating to the campaign, battle logs, wins and losses and so on.
  10. The Item Shop: OPEN

    SPECIAL ITEMS Arena Championship Belt: Basic attacks miss on a 6 roll. +1 MP recovery per turn. +5 dmg per attack. "A symbol of ultimate triumph in the arena. There is no other like it."
  11. The Item Shop: OPEN

  12. The Item Shop: OPEN

  13. The Item Shop: OPEN

    Self explanatory. Here you may buy items with the coins you earns from battles and such. Some are consumable while some are able to be equipped. We will call these "accessories". We will slowly introduce more items as things advance but for now take a look at our new items. You may read more...
  14. Info & Updates Thread

  15. Info & Updates Thread

    GAME MECHANICS Since this is a reboot, I will explain how the new system works just like on the old forum. HP: These are hit points. If they hit 0, you lose. Everyone will start with 100 HP. This can increase via level-up or equip items or abilities. MP: MP will now be at a flat 20 for...
  16. Info & Updates Thread

    Ultimate Character Showdown RPG Welcome to the Ultimate Character Showdown, an RPG style game where you may take any fictional character and use them in combat! The whole point of this is to just have fun with each other, and we're aiming for a more casual environment where people can enjoy the...