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  1. icelandic

    Solo Quina's Quisine Quest: Platinum Munchlax Solo Run. Moveset Poll Open! (Dynasty Episode 2).

    World very simple place. World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you no can eat. The world's least impressive family tree, but everything has to start somewhere. This is the second in my plan for a "dynasty" of challenge runs, following on from my LeafGreen scramble last...
  2. icelandic

    The grass type is rubbish. Convince me otherwise.

    I've come to think that the grass type is rubbish. Possibly not the absolute worst type, but down there at the bottom and by far the worst of Fire/Water/Grass starter trifecta. Offensively, as far as the type chart goes grass is completely outclassed by water. The only thing grass hits that...
  3. icelandic

    Ask a Super Nerd anything.

    I graduated in geological sciences, now work as an IT professional, and I spend much of my life either playing videogames or browsing the web. I think that qualifies me as a Super Nerd. I even wear glasses, some of the time.
  4. icelandic

    Scramble [COMPLETE] Start of a Dynasty: LeafGreen Scramble

    So I started my LeafGreen Scramble, with the extra rule imposed that my Pokemon need to be three breeding pairs. The Pokemon assigned are: Wigglytuff from Neb. Jumpluff from Ardent. Nidoking and Snorlax from Vivid Stardust. Raichu and Raticate from Lorekeeper. Restrictions: Battle style...
  5. icelandic

    Mossdeep, the Eagle has landed.

    Well, maybe not quite, but I have a NASA avatar at least. Not even been on Azurilland long either. Also, I've known about Marriland for years - but I only just now notice that Marriland has two r's but Marill has one. What's that all about?