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  1. Petros

    Event locations in Pokémon games

    This time, I would like to talk about event locations. For those who haven't played Gen 2-5, there used to be hidden locations in which legendary Pokémon dwelled. According to Bulbapedia: How many of them did you visit? Which ones are your favourite? Did you like them? Would you like these...
  2. Petros

    Favourite Mega Evolution

    Hey there! I'm sure most of you have one favourite Pokémon but what about Mega Evolutions? Some people aren't too fond of them, but if you like Megas, what would happen to be your favourite ones? You can choose more than one! My favourite ones are: Mega-Beedrill: I've always liked Beedrill...
  3. Petros

    Hello from a newcomer!

    Hey there! Petros here, nice to meet you all! It's been a while since I last joined a Pokémon forum and I felt like giving Marriland a go. Been a Pokémon fan since I was a child and Pokémon Blue was the first-ever Pokeḿon game I owned. I usually find myself replaying some of them throughout the...