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  1. AuburnEnigma

    Ask Me Anything - AuburnEnigma

    I was mainly on the breeding and trading sections of Azurilland, but I want to get to know you all and for you to know me, as I look to become more active here. I will answer pretty much any question within reason (normal rules apply) so post below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :)
  2. AuburnEnigma

    Hola everyone!

    I was around on the old forums (Azurilland and Marriland version 1), mostly the Breeders Club but I hope to be more active here :) I'm mid 20s and I've been playing since Gen 1, the only main series game that I don't have is the original Gold. I'm a Breeder by heart, but I do like collecting...