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  1. Eevee

    Randomizer ☼ An ULTRA Random Day! ☼ An UltraSun Randomizer Nuzlocke! (Update #4 Posted!!)

    Ah, Pokemon Challenges. I always say that I'm going to do them and then I get two updates in and it goes downhill. Rip. Honestly, I feel like that might be because they've never tickled my fancy. There has always been one challenge that I absolutely adored the idea of: the Randomizer! So, here...
  2. Eevee


    the title is minorly clickbait First off: not sure if I should even be making an introduce yourself post, but new forum so yoloooo (also I saw Bones do it so I figured it's aight) So, after a long hiatus of now n then lurking, I see that we're retiring ye ol' Azurilland. But, ya know, change is...