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  1. Screem

    Miscellaneous Screem's Coding Corner

    To further my learning and skills in web design, and CSS, I've opened up this thread so you can request a skin made by me! /** Shop Rules **/ 1. As per usual, all Marriland rules apply. 2. I'll not be using any pictures, art, gfx, etc. unless you have written permission by the artist. 3. All...
  2. Screem

    Your Future

    I quite often think about my own future a lot but I want to hear about everyone else's. What are you hoping to achieve in your future? Short term, mid term and/or long term, what does it look like to you? Personally, I'm going to uni next year to get a degree, or graduate diploma, in cyber...
  3. Screem

    Samsung's Foldable Display

    At the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) there was quite a large, and long awaited, announcement. Samsung has been working on a device for quite a few years now that will double up as a tablet and a phone, and it'll be ready for mass production "in the coming months". This could mean every...
  4. Screem

    Shiny Hunting Event (Month 1 Has Begun)

    As you may or may not know, I'm a huge fan of shiny Pokémon and have been ever since Crystal came out, so I thought it'd be a neat idea for all you shiny hunters out there to come together and hunt for some shinies together. These may be shinies you have or shinies you don't have. Either way...
  5. Screem

    2 Factor Authentication Guide

    With the new Azurriland site now being up and running off of the Xenforo forum software, there's a LOT of new features that we've never had access to. Most being aesthetic or functional features, however there are also some more security options such as 2FA. Note to mods: If this isn't the...
  6. Screem


    Well, I made it! For those of you who may not know me, I'm Screem and I've been around since the tail end of Marriland and transition to Azurilland. Fells strange being back with Marriland but these are exciting times ahead! I'm 24 from Perth, Western Australia and I've loved Pokemon since I...