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  1. Screem

    Music ♫ What Are You Listening To? V5 ♫

    Coasted - Deadmau5
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    Sword/Shield Spoiler Pokémon Sword and Shield Progress Lounge

    I was able to get the games at 0800 AWST and am currently on my way to the 1st gym (had a bit of a nap). My team currently consists of... My favourite new Pokémon is definitely Nickit. Despite all the hate the game got before release, it really is a very good looking game and I'm loving it...
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    Miscellaneous Screem's Coding Corner

    I could get this site to look extremely similar to Azurilland. It'll take a while, if you want me to go ahead and create it, but I don't see anything that would stand out as a major issue stopping anyone from making it look almost exactly the same.
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    Let's Go Pokéball Plus

    Ah, I didn't know the shake for Y thing was a thing. Thanks though. Now I can actually use it without issue!
  5. Screem

    Let's Go Pokéball Plus

    I really like the Pokeball plus. I've been taking it practically everywhere with me so I can level my mons faster (6k exp off of about 5k steps is neat). As for a controller, it's fine but it's lacking in buttons so you can't go to the menu or switch out Pokemon in your party, but it's quite...
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    Shiny Hunting Event (Month 1 Has Begun)

    Looks like everyone is doing a lot better than I am. I've been very very occupied with Let's Go (at least over 30 hours in-game time clocked already) so I've not had much of a chance to get back to the Anorith. I'm currently going to aim to be back on track by Wednesday. @Emilyeevee congrats on...
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    Let's Go Let's Go! Progress Lounge

    I've made it all the way passed the Elite 4 and am now just finishing off my dex (148/151). I've also beaten the Pikachu master trainer. I plan to start shiny hunting afterwards.
  8. Screem

    Shiny Hunting Event (Month 1 Has Begun)

    @JustCallMeBB post whenever you get a shiny. You can make multiple posts about shiny catches, as long as it follows Marriland rules) however editing you original post will make it a lot easier for me.
  9. Screem

    Let's Go Will you be getting the game?

    Already pre-ordered LGE (with Pokéball Plus) and also traded in my switch a couple weeks ago so I could get the limited edition switch with LGP. I've been hyped since these games were announced so I'm extremely excited about these games coming out. Will be great to have a new way to play an old...
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    Let's Go Let's Go! Who are you going to use?

    Ah, yes, classic old Kanto. If the game permits, I might just get a caterpie and evolve to Butterfree until i can nab me an Abra. I'm hoping Dratini wont be too late game so I can train that bad boi up and not evolve him ever.
  11. Screem

    Which OS is on your computer?

    Personally, I'm a Windows guy on my gaming PC, but also do a bit of server admin for Debian and play around with Raspian. I used to have a Mac laptop, but after it died I never felt the need to ever use Mac ever again (much rather not be put in a box and be told features that are years old are...
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    Shiny Hunting Event (Month 1 Has Begun)

    @JustCallMeBB That actually may be very handy. I'll take that into consideration, however I don't want to hand over all of the info needed and do want there to be some degree of difficulty. Update on my progress this month (I won't be counting me but will be hunting along with everyone!) I'm up...
  13. Screem

    Detective Pikachu (The Movie)

    Honestly, I thought this movie was going to be super lame and didn't want to watch it at all. That was until I saw this trailer. It seems very very interesting and I can't wait to go see this in cinemas. Also, Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu is awesome to see. I hope this does well and we have a...
  14. Screem

    November 12th, 2018: Archive and a Returning Staff Member!

    Welcome back to staff, Katey! We all know you'll do well as you have in the past.
  15. Screem

    How will play the Switch games?

    Both for sure. I really like the idea of finally playing a main series Pokémon game on a TV because it's never been done before, but at the same time I like playing on my consoles in bed.
  16. Screem

    What kind of 3DS/DS do you use for your Pokemon/other 3DS/DS games?

    I run a SNES Skin N3DS XL and a blue 2DS. I use the 2DS mainly for trading between VGC games and some newer games and my 3DS as my main device.
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    What Forum Skin Do You Use?

    I use the classic default blue night mode. I need the dark shades so my soft supple eyes are safe.
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    ➟ What Is Your Favorite Pokémon

    This may not come as a surprise to most, but I love Dratini. Ever since gen 2 I've love Dratini, not really sure why but that little serpent has really just captured my attention for a long time.
  19. Screem

    Your Future

    Yeah, buying your own house is pretty scary leading up to it, but congrats on getting to this point where you can start thinking about buying! I own my house with my sister and we bought it 3 years ago (never thought I would own a house at 21) but now we just rent it out.
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    Shiny Hunting Event (Month 1 Has Begun)

    I'm going to try my hand at hatching one, I think. Hopefully won't take too long :P