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  1. Null

    AMA: ask null anything

    i honestly dont care as long as its not personal
  2. Null

    so im back once again...

    so basically i kinda left marriland silently earlier this year after the nuzlocke hunger games cuz i really wasn't finding any enjoyment in the forums and then i was super stressed and in deep **** in the mental health side and then i decided to check in on the discord so here i am... you guys...
  3. Null

    AMA Null version

    Just follow the rules. nuff said
  4. Null

    I drifted quite a bit after the transition.....

    It's been what, 2 months? I got really bored of the website when Marriland got 'rebooted', but that all changed when I realised that playing with the same old trashy friends on my switch got boring I turned straight to here... Also hopefully this website doesnt become as boring for me as when it...
  5. Null

    My preparation for SSBU (Pokemon Ultra Sun Themed Team/Nuzlocke hybrid)

    One thing first: yall probably know me from the previous time on Azuri that I have about 10 failed or abandoned challenges. Let's keep that record to a zero here, shall we? I got this challenge idea after Incineroar was announced for SSBU as its 69th character. That makes 9 Pokemon available, 8...
  6. Null

    hewwo there im ‘new’ to the marriland forums

    Hahahahahahahaha jk but hey this is me, Null. Will edit profile and stuff when i get to my computer.