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  1. Sebastian

    Just Ask Me Something, Will You?

    Hey, if you're here hopefully you've seen me around a bit and are at least mildly interested in talking to me, or you're just bored and want to read something, either way is fine to be honest! So I'm Seb, I've been active here for a couple of weeks, although I used to frequent the Old Marriland...
  2. Sebastian

    Pokemon Drawing Challenge - Starters from Memory, with only your mouse!

    This challenge is simple: draw a set of Pokémon starters from memory using only your mouse or trackpad. If you choose to participate, try to do a set of starters that hasn't been posted in the thread yet - that way we can make our own lil' pokedex. All skill levels are encouraged to participate...
  3. Sebastian

    Pokemon that look better as Sprites vs their 3DS Models

    I personally think some pokemon look very poor as 3D models, especially with small pokemon. Often small pokemon look too tiny to appreciate their designs at all. Do you feel this way about certain pokemon? Here are some examples: Pidgey The model is a lot more difficult to read - the feet look...
  4. Sebastian

    Portfolio Seb's Pokemon Art

    Hello, I wanted to share my art! I have some pokemon and non-pokemon art. You can find much more art of mine at my deviantart. This is some PG-13+ material on there, so be careful. You can find drawings of my DND character!