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  1. Sebastian

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    @Beavie I get what you're saying but right now I just need to be alone.
  2. Sebastian

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    I'm home again and I hate it the summer always sucks and I hate it I can't stand living in my household I think I just need to be alone. when I spend so much time alone they worry about me but its just so much better. I hate hearing everyone's opinions on things. I vent my anxiety to them and it...
  3. Sebastian

    How angery are you? (Multidimensional Anger Test)

    I get angry quickly and about a lot of things. At least my internal anger is low! I'm surprised about hostile outlook though. I don't think people intend to inconvenience / anger / annoy me, I think most of the time it's innocuous. I still kind of blame them for it though...
  4. Sebastian

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    My pronouns are he/him. I'm starting a new job on Monday and I'm super nervous. Especially since the commute is long and I haven't driven in awhile. I'm also exhausted since I had an 8 hr flight from London back to New York, I'm jetlagged so I woke up really early. I'm so scared. What if I'm...
  5. Sebastian

    🎈 The official HAPPY BIRTHDAY thread! 🎈

    Hey guys... TODAY is my birthday! :prideazurill::hearteyesazurill::joyousazurill: I mean seriously it is. I'm 21.
  6. Sebastian

    Just Ask Me Something, Will You?

    1) oh my gosh now I want a picnic AT the beach!! Probably beach because I like putting my feet in the sand. 2) cold water, mate 3) chocolate fudge brownie! 4) when I was a kid I was scared of them but now I don't mind them if I'm in the house. But I'd rather not be driving in a storm since...
  7. Sebastian

    The Ultimate Animal Tournament

    Highland Cow Maned Wolf Peregrine Falcon Red-winged blackbird Sumatran Tiger
  8. Sebastian

    Pet Peeves

    I hate people who laugh loudly in public spaces, particularly when I'm tired/ hungry. Also if they have an annoying laugh. I hate when adults used to say "you'll change your mind when you get older." I'm 20 now so nobody really says that anymore. I dislike when people try to talk to me while...
  9. Sebastian

    Guess Which User Posts Next! V2

    Nope. Rockie?
  10. Sebastian

    What is your type of partner?

    I think my partner would be / have: queer short hair around my age masculine I tend to be attracted to people like me, so mostly other boys. mostly trans boys. hardworking VERY rare partier / drinker. I don't enjoy partying or drinking at all - I'd much rather leave after 10 minutes to go...
  11. Sebastian

    Portfolio Seb's Pokemon Art

    I drew a crow
  12. Sebastian

    Last Letter, First Letter v4

  13. Sebastian

    You did it! ♥ [Share your accomplishments here!]

    I won two awards at my college! The first award was for Computer Science, and it is awarded to only one student entering their senior year. So out of like 20-30 people, they chose ME as the best! I was so proud. The second award was for Mathematics, there were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places with...
  14. Sebastian

    Body Appreciation thread

    Likes: There's a lot for me to like about my body. I'm naturally quite thin so I like my shape as I'm angular, which is very lucky for a trans guy like me. My face is pretty good, in the right lighting my jawline looks very cool. I love my smile (does that count?) and how my eyes can look so...
  15. Sebastian

    Picture Telephone! [Round 5 results!]

    Oh yeah, I thought that was interesting too! I think you nailed it :)
  16. Sebastian

    Picture Telephone! [Round 5 results!]

    Haha loved seeing the results! Can't wait for the next round!
  17. Sebastian

    What animal do you identify with?

    Upon thinking about it, more, I really think I'm a dragon. Not a real animal I know, but if I was any creature I think I would be a dragon. They represent freedom, individuality, strength, intelligence, and valor. Dragons can be playful like dogs, but they are wise like humans. Their strength...
  18. Sebastian

    What animal do you identify with?

    Wolves, lions, and tigers. I think because I identify with anger, lol.
  19. Sebastian

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    Thanks Rockie. Today I found an explanation for why I feel so bad. I looked at my birth control pills and the next one to take said Sunday. But today is Tuesday. So sometime in the past couple of weeks, I missed two of my anti-depressant doses. I know this because I always take my birth control...
  20. Sebastian

    Scramble Skylar's Pokémon X Scramble

    This challenge looks cool, I'm excited to see more :)