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  1. DeepSeaPrincess

    Miscellaneous Athena's Magical Studio

    ★Athena's Magical Studio★ So I do a lot of projects in my free time, and figured I might as well create a place to post them if I feel like sharing! I'll post song recordings, stories, acting performances...whatever I'm working on at the time! I'll put the post numbers for stories or anything...
  2. DeepSeaPrincess

    State Personality

    So I was doing research for a project I'm working on and thought how it's really cool how distinct the personalities of US states can be. What personality traits would fit each of the states? How do you think that changes the way people from each interact with the world? Or on another note, how...
  3. DeepSeaPrincess

    Rise of the Rainbow Rocket Resistance!

    Haha! I was no ordinary trustworthy grunt, but a spy gathering intel for the RRR! We will overthrow Rainbow Rocket and restore the site to its former glory!
  4. DeepSeaPrincess

    Performing Arts ⭐️The Meloetta Theater🎭 ~Next Show TBA~

    Welcome to The Meloetta Theater! Welcome, ladies, gentlemen, and anyone in between to The Meloetta Theater! This is Marilland’s sort of “Off Broadway” theatre. A spiritual successor to Loog Noog Theater, we put on audio plays for...
  5. DeepSeaPrincess


    What do you guys think about Valentines? Do you celebrate it? If you do, are you getting something for family or partner? I love Valentines, always have. My family likes to give each other gifts (usually sweets), and I've always given gifts to those I love. I'm writing a song for my gf this...
  6. DeepSeaPrincess

    Nuzlocke Preserving the Heart: A Disneylocke ♡Prologue♡

    Welcome to my new challenge! This is very similar to a wedlocke but not quite the same. I had been working on a wedlock in HeartGold before, but I found it not as interesting to do without any updates or anything. So I decided to try something new and share it with you guys! maybe I'll actually...
  7. DeepSeaPrincess

    Music TripleDent Gum....(Earworm Songs)

    What's stuck in your head today, or what seems to wiggle its way in a lot? I've had La Llorona from Coco stuck in my head for like a week now, but now Hail Aurora (Sleeping Beauty opening) might be taking its place.
  8. DeepSeaPrincess

    If I could go anywhere....

    If you could go on an all expenses paid trip anywhere, where would you go? I would go either to Egypt, France, or Scotland, all places I'm in love with and so badly want to go someday.
  9. DeepSeaPrincess

    Eat Fresh! Live Better.

    How healthy is everyone, I'm curious? Do you watch your eating, or do you eat more for taste? Do you exercise or do you prefer chilling? I try to be healthy and calorie wise I'm pretty good for my diet but I could work more on actually eating better. I live with my mom until later this year...
  10. DeepSeaPrincess

    Slip of the tongue!

    Today I was measuring my face shape (for contouring), and discovered I'm an oval. I said to myself, "I'm officially an orange!" What are some weird things you've said by accident?
  11. DeepSeaPrincess

    I'm thankful for....

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we all think about what we are thankful for. Friends, family, lovers, video games, food, whatever it may be! What are you thankful for in yourself? In others? In the world around you?
  12. DeepSeaPrincess

    Ask A Performer

    If you wanna ask this lady questions, this is the place! Just keep the Marriland rules in mind! Also I'm open for most questions, but if I'm uncomfortable with a question I won't answer. I'm up for honest opinions and lists, and repeats are fine with me. No limit, just number them or space them...
  13. DeepSeaPrincess

    Woah! They're just like me! (What character are you most like?)

    Have you ever just related so closely to a character, it feels like they're just like you? If so, who? How are they like you? I'd say I relate to both Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Anna is a crazy, optimistic, occasionally naive and loving to the point she almost refuses to see the negatives in...
  14. DeepSeaPrincess

    The Princess has reawoken!

    Hey! After a break I found this site up and running, so I guess I'll reintroduce myself! I'm DeepSeaPrincess, but you can just use my real name, Athena. I'm a hyper, musical, friendly girl who loves to chat and has a passion for theater. I was on Azurilland before so I'm sure many of you already...