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  1. neoratz

    tags on plushies

    i tend to keep the tags on, i'm not sure why! ESPECIALLY the sewn in tags.
  2. neoratz

    What was your first ever starter?

    my first was chimchar! which is funny cuz chimchar is probably my least favorite now
  3. neoratz

    Favorite YouTubers

    i'm subscribed to a lotta video essay kinda channels cuz i like putting them on in the background while i do monotonous grind-y things! i am not very good at providing reasons for why i like stuff but here is a list of my top faves
  4. neoratz

    Video Game Difficulty

    i like to chill....... depending on the game i always do easy or normal!
  5. neoratz

    Physical or Digital?

    i'm fine with having digital copies but if i can i always try to get physical (besides for computer games) for some reason i've always had a weird paranoia that my consoles will randomly crash/break and i'll lose all my progress in digital games or i'll lose the whole game entirely! D:
  6. neoratz

    Eat or Spit?

    HMMMMM...... eat i suppose! i have to be in a mood for turkey though :P jelly beans?
  7. neoratz

    How did you get your username?

    i've rebranded myself several times already, i actually only switched to this last year after thinking it over for a bit! i think i'll be sticking with this one for a while though. neoratz is just something i came up with when i was 7, i made it up when i was signing up for neopets :B it's...
  8. neoratz

    what you would change about pokémon

    i KNOW it’s impossible with the amount of pokemon we have at this point and it would make the pokemon feel more cookie cutter but i wish pokemon could be more evenly balanced so your favorites could be viable in competitive. i’d really like to be able to use wormadam or hypno and not have to...
  9. neoratz

    favorite human character

    mine’s probably a tie between Dawn, Barry, N, and Blue/Gary(???)! from the games specifically cuz i never really watched the anime. i dunno if i ever had a #1 but the games aren’t very fresh in my mind either.... maybe i need to go on a replaying marathon to revise my answer ( ;`ヘ´)
  10. neoratz

    I’VE NEVER MET ANOTHER KATEY EITHER!!!! i was fated to register for marriland......

    I’VE NEVER MET ANOTHER KATEY EITHER!!!! i was fated to register for marriland......
  11. neoratz

    Favorite Pokémon type(s)?

    my top 3 are fairy ghost and psychic! you would never guess from my favorite pokemon >_>
  12. neoratz

    What's your favorite generation of Pokémon?

    i'm happy so many other people like gen 4 and 5 as those are my top favorites!!!! it might be partially because of nostalgia since pearl was the first game i played and BW were the first games to come out after i got into pokemon, but i do think they're genuinely really good and fun entries :o...
  13. neoratz

    ➟ What Is Your Favorite Pokémon

    my favorite is a tie between clefable and gengar! so cute and pointy. i like that they kinda look like each other! i have.... MANY other favorites besides those two hfdgjdkgd they're just tied for my #1 spot it's hard for me to do that "favorite pokemon of each type" thing cuz a lot of my...
  14. neoratz

    Rhythm Games

    i'm SUPER bad at rhythm games but i do like rhythm heaven! i've only played rhythm heaven megamix tho. if mobile games count i like bandori but i play it super casually. i love kaoru dearly but i CANNOT keep up with the nearly weekly events :( i also play idolmaster cgss a LITTLE bit, it's kinda...
  15. neoratz

    Post your desktop/phone background

    here's my desktop wallpaper: (art by TigerToony!) and here's my phone lock screen/home screen: (from the live from hotland poster) (from official merch but i don't remember what :( i want to say origami paper???? maybe??)
  16. neoratz

    What is your type of partner?

    i don't really have any specific preferences..... i think mostly i would just like someone who likes the same stuff as me and isn't a jerk!
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    Your Top 5 Favorite Games

    THIS IS HARD... i definitely have a top 4 but i'm not sure about my 5th (also i love all the splatoon, animal crossing, and pokemon games but i only added my favorite entries so the list didn't have any repeats) 1. Splatoon 2 2. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3. Pokemon Platinum 4. Bioshock 5. UMMMM...
  19. neoratz

    Music Guilty Pleasure Songs

    1 2 7 3 DOWN THE ROCKEFELLER STREET also i agree with a lot of the other posts here what is love, britney spears' music, never gonna give you up, and other related music slaps i love 2007-2010 youtube vibes
  20. neoratz

    TV/Movies But that's not how it happened! - TV show/movie adaptations

    i think adaptions can be ok! it's true though, movie adaptions of games have a REALLY bad track record. i haven't watched a lot of stuff in general so i can't say i have any gripes besides the obvious stuff like the netflix death note movie... HOWEVER earlier last year netflix did a remake of...