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  1. Nuuk

    Banner Voting!

    Shhmew's nice banner Shhmew's scribble banner Karolina Scott Lauren Atlus 2 Nuuk Gold
  2. Nuuk

    Pokemon Crystal Speedruns

    Ok here is the thread for the pokemon crystal speedruns Here is a very helpful guide posted by gold, also pinned in the discord:émon_Crystal/Any%_Glitchless_Guide Let us know how well you're doing so we can get a rough estimate about how the...
  3. Nuuk

    EIM Roles and Actions thread

    Here is where we will post our roles and scheme for our actions. PLEASE POST YOUR ACTION HERE IN THE CORRECT FORMATTING. I'd recommend just copy pasting the pm with the role so we get the exact language. Here is night 1...
  4. Nuuk

    Day One: Scavenger Hunt

    ok guys here is the first thing: Scavenger hunt! if you solve something, please post it asap so we can get the pictures as soon as possible!
  5. Nuuk

    ZU Showdown Tourney

    The tournament is ZU which from my understanding is all untiered pokemon more info: I urge everyone to post their teams and help others with theirs. Even if we end up having to face eachother, we are still a team. If one of us wins, we all win.
  6. Nuuk

    Precamp Recap

    Hello everyone and welcome again to the best team This post is to help us get organized on who we have and what we got signed up for so far
  7. Nuuk

    RPG Battle Royal

    this is the sign up thread for the RPG battle royal main thread is here: this looks like it will be a VERY active game, please sign up if you have a lot of time i am available between 9am EST...
  8. Nuuk

    EIM Signup Thread

    okey guys this is the sign up thread for EIM Main thread is here: please post in this topic if you are able to play this, do not post your alias as of yet.
  9. Nuuk

    hello friends

    Welcome to Cabin 1 you should know that you are extremely fortuna to be placed into this cabin. this is the best damn cabin you could ever imagine to be placed in. not only will we dominate the other pansy cabins, we will meme on them so hard they will cry and it will be hilarious. now...
  10. Nuuk

    what made you angery today

    title. tell me what pissed you off today. as for me, it was a buyer on ebay telling me that theyre gonna ship my item in 10 business days. like what the ****, the item is supposed to be here by then. and its coming from japan so i probably wont even get it for another 5 weeks at least.
  11. Nuuk

    Pixel Art doing all hoenn mons in gsc style

    most people that i talk to on a regular basis know that this is my current project. i am spriting and animating all of the 135 hoenn pokemon in the style of gsc. i'll try to update this thread frequently, probably for every finished evo line or 3-4 mons if they are single stage. they look...
  12. Nuuk

    how do you feel when game/movies/etc. are spoiled for you?

    i personally don't really mind it. i'm incredibly impatient when it comes to knowing whats going to happen. with movies spoiling doesn't really work for me, cuz i still wanna know what happens during the movie and its already pretty short. but with long TV series or games, i typically look up...