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  1. OceanMaster

    Pokémon The Marriland Plateau

    The Marriland Plateau Hello all and welcome to the reintroduction of The Marriland Plateau! As some of you may know, this used to be a battling club which focused on a 'Gym Challenge' type of club. This is my own alteration of it though; however, I apologize if I was meant to gather permission...
  2. OceanMaster

    RMT Gen 8 Monotype Team

    Hey everyone! It has been a while and I know that lol. Mostly @Anthrix replies so here is this 'fun' team I made to battle with my brother once again. (I won the doubles team battle that I asked for assistance with, very close) Anyways, without further ado here is the team. As the title...
  3. OceanMaster

    RMT Just a fun Doubles Team

    As my title suggests this is just a fun doubles team. Specifically I am making this to battle with my brother. We agreed to not use any of the banned Pokémon as of that announcement, and no entry hazards for this battle. We just wanted to see what the other can come up with. With that being...
  4. OceanMaster

    Gen 8 Want Metronome Item

    Hey so I am curious if anyone has an extra Metronome they’d be willing to give me. I can offer anything to you in my power, but let me know.
  5. OceanMaster

    Gen 8 Want HA Riolu

    I can offer you some HA Pokemon, EM Pokemon, or Dittos. Just let me know what interests you and I’ll inform you what I have of each.
  6. OceanMaster

    Have Want Filling Pokédex

    I’ll split this up into two lists: my wants/needs and what I have to trade. Wants: -Riolu/Lucario -Deino or any evolution of it -Goomy or any evolution of it -Turtanator (however it’s spelt) -Bonsly To Trade: -Basically all except those and the legendaries. Haven’t started breeding for IVs yet...
  7. OceanMaster

    RMT PU I need help

    As the header states, I need help. I recently made a PU team which I am extremely unfamiliar with. I only did so because my brother asked me to so he can practice with his since he plans to battle competitively. I feel that if my team can fare well against his, I should be able to battle...
  8. OceanMaster

    Introducing Myself!

    Hello everyone! I am a new member to this forum, but I was a member for a good 6 years on the old one. A few of you may know me as 'Garchomp12' but I imagine no one does lol. I changed my name here because it's time for a change. That aside, you may address me as OM or Isiac, either is fine with...