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  1. Bossvelt


    u all remember this i will make rounds of audio and or songs in a panicked frenzy and present them to you for you to guess there will be multiple rounds like idk 4 or 5 maybe i aint gonna try to go for a prom theme this time cuz that was a pain in the ass if you like the idea of having to guess...
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    if it aint broke dont fix it copy pasta the rules cuz im flawless baby Be sure to read all the rules and stuff because I do not want to get any dumb questions that are already answered here. Just post here to show your interest and as said above create a PM with me and your partner along...
  3. Bossvelt

    Elimination Elimination Vote #9: Zerade and Thundawave

    hi i posting this for boobert scoobert Scores: @Flo: 22 @Zerade: 12 @Rydia: 8 @Karolina: 7 @SarasaKat: no Didn't submit: @theDINOsaurus @Thundawave ANSWERS: hate formatting so much bros floopert won immunity and saves jaye dino subs in queengine Elimination Vote #9: Zerade and...
  4. Bossvelt

    Let's talk about Boss Battles

    Anyone who's played a bideo game has had to fight a boss before. I'm not gonna get wordy on the history and legacy of boss battles in video games right now, but this thread is basically to gush or talk **** about certain bosses in games you've played. I'll be listing a specific topic...
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    Hello I am bored I will probably do this somewhat semi-regularly. So, out of the blue I began thinking about who would win in a fight to the death: A hippo or a grizzly bear. This gave me the idea for this thread. I'll be posting match-ups that would make sense, and we'll be having **** flinging...
  6. Bossvelt and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lobbies

    Hello. Just like last year, we will be having some festivities and hang outs happening during camp. Winning during these activities does net you points, but first and foremost, this is mostly for fun. You would get 5 points per win in each activity, for a maximum of 20 . If you reach 20 points...
  7. Bossvelt

    Pokemon Showdown ZU Tourney

    You knew we were gonna do showdown again baby let's get to it This year the tier is ZU! This tier is full of Pokemon that are even worse than the worst!! Haha crazy right. Anyways, just follow the general guidelines when it comes to creating a team. Showdown will guide you and even show you...
  8. Bossvelt

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tourney

    WE FINALLY GOT A GOOD SMASH GAME TO HAVE A TOURNEY WITH LETS GO RULES: Best of 3 Stock Battle: 3 Time Limit: 8:00 Final Smash Meter: OFF Spirits: OFF Items: OFF Stage Hazards: OFF LEGAL STAGES Starters: Battlefield, Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium 2, Smashville, Town and City Counterpicks...
  9. Bossvelt

    Super Stylish Salty Bet Supreme ITS BACK ITS BACK ITS BACK "Salty's Dream Cast Casino or just SaltyBet for short is a website that embeds a stream usually of live competitive events like the Evolution Championship Series and allows its users to place virtual bets on said events. When there...
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    WELCOME TO THE BOSS DUNGEON AGAIN You have been chosen against your will to be placed into this labyrinth that smells like old funyons. Try to survive. RULES: -There will be 2 "reps" per cabin. The "reps" will basically be characters for the cabin to control. Actions must be officially...
  11. Bossvelt

    Everyone is Mafia: Part whatever

    We are back with the pew pew wackiness Will we be using some of the new roles who nose!!! Right now I want a minimum of 4 players per cabin. If it so happens more players want to play and every cabin has an equal amount interested then I will increase the number of participants (no worries...
  12. Bossvelt

    Embarassing moments that creep up on you at 2 AM in bed

    Self explanatory. We all have that embarrassing moment that we sometimes bury deep down only for it to be brought back to the forefront of our minds randomly. Share yours in this thread. I'm sure y'all got some good ones. It can be huge or small it don't matter.
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    hello everyone
  14. Bossvelt

    One Punch Man Season 2 - ALREADY A DISAPPOINTMENT

    Ever since it was confirmed that One Punch Man would no longer be animated by Madhouse and that the director himself wouldn't be a part of the project, I have been kept my excitement low for season 2. The longer the wait became, the more worry set in that one of the best and beautifully animated...
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    WELCOME TO THE BOSS DUNGEON You have been chosen against your will to be placed into this labyrinth that reeks of death and crusty socks. Why? Don't think too hard about it. Worry about trying to survive. RULES: -Do not sign up if you do not think you can post an action every other day or so...
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    hello everyone i just upgraded my internet for cheap here are the results went from 100 mbps dl/10 mbps upload to this post your results below i know you uni ppl probably have some insane fast stuff use for most accurate results
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    Some of you might remember during smash camp where we played a clip of many compiled songs and had you guys guess them. This is basically that but in a more digestible fashion. Kaity and I have compiled many songs that would be used at school dances from stuff that would play during your awkward...
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    We're back baby Y'all remember how to do this and if not here's the rules Be sure to read all the rules and stuff because I do not want to get any dumb questions that are already answered here. Just post here to show your interest and as said above create a PM with me and your partner...
  19. Bossvelt

    Arena Bellossom VS Ukulele Pichu

    HP: 100 | MP: 20 HP: 100 | MP: 20 Bellossom rolled 85. Ukulele Pichu rolled 62. Bellossom will go first.
  20. Bossvelt

    Arena Futaba VS Toa Takanuva

    HP: 100 | MP: 20 HP: 100 | MP: 20 Futaba rolls 88. Toa Takanuva rolls 48. Futaba will go first.