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  1. Flo

    Tournament Gen 8 RNGDL Season One

    Look, I get it. Pokemon drafting is hard. Teambuilding out of the dozens of viable pokemon is difficult. Tryhards on ladder are difficult? What if I had a solution to one of those problems? Welcome to RNGDL Season One, where what you get is up to chance! In this format, each player is granted...
  2. Flo

    Sword/Shield Spoiler Marriland Gym League Discussion

    Yo what is good fellas, let me talk at you about an idea I got. I'm thinking that, thanks mainly to the Gym Uniforms, we can construct an in-game Marriland Gym League. So here's the deets. We get 8 people to act as our gym leaders. Each of them picks a single type, and builds a team using...
  3. Flo

    Not Started Capefire

    This is the campfire thread for Capes, located here. This will contain all Character Forms. Discord is here.
  4. Flo

    Started Capes

    The year is 2063. People with superhuman abilities have been integrated into society for the last 57 years. At first was the Golden Age, the time when the wondrous caped heroes defended our world from the emerging villains who rose from the woodwork to challenge them. Then came the Silver Age...
  5. Flo

    Sick music in video games

    OK look I've wanted to talk about this for at least 4 days so I'm gonna make a thread here documenting some of my favourite tracks in video games. Feel free to also comment your favourite tracks as well and stir up some discussion I'll probably post at least a few new tracks a week, more if I'm...
  6. Flo

    Accepting Not Started The World Legacy Campfire

    This is the campfire for the World Legacy, located here. Read that stuff first. Rules: This will be a Discord-Based RP. Within the threads, however, all Marriland and Roleplaying Rules apply. I reserve right to refuse any entrant. If I do, however, I will explain what is wrong with it and...
  7. Flo

    Rolling Out: A Pokemon Crystal Speedrun!

    You didn't think we were just doing Zelda, right fellas? Your Goal: Defeat Whitney and obtain the Plain Badge. That's it. RULES: SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Fortunately, Pokemon gives you times and badge count on save, so we can use that. You will either send us a picture you took of the screen...
  8. Flo

    Out of Breath of the Wild: Speedrun Showdown!

    Welcome to the Breath of the Wild Speedrun Showdown! Your Goal: Complete the Great Plateau section of the game, and receive the Paraglider. How you go about doing that is up to you. RULES: SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: The three things we'll be looking for in your submission are the following...
  9. Flo

    Tier Lists

    I'm gonna be real that I mostly made this for myself but I figured that others may wanna do this As the title says, use this space for ranking things. Lists are sick man.
  10. Flo

    Roleplaying General Guidelines

    Credit to Thundawave and Karolina Hello! This guide is being written to provide a general idea, and support for both creators and participants in various styles of Roleplay. By no means are the following tips concrete and correct answers, and can be both expanded upon or ignored as you wish...
  11. Flo

    Best Games of 2018?

    Read the title fellas, it's all there. What was the best games you played in 2018? It could be a game that released this year or a classic you went back and explored. Feel free to post your games of the year down below. Give a reason too, if you're feeling that way.
  12. Flo

    ask flo anything fellas

    you lot know the drill, ask me anything and I'll answer. I'll not say no to any question tbh knock yourselves out.
  13. Flo


    helo it is me, the brand new user flo(rence) also known as flo i am a funn guyt who lieks the pohkaymohn a lot. i hoep we can all be frens (: