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  1. Solar

    Post Your Bed

    like. post your bed. I think beds are interesting and I heard someone, somewhere say something along the lines of "the best way to read a person is by looking at their bed". Like reading tea leaves or astrology except........beds. Post your bed!!!!!! Here's my bed (I just made it and it...
  2. Solar

    Marriland Prom Movie 2019 - WALL•E (2008) - February 9th, 9PM EST / UTC -5:00

    PROM MOVIE :popcorn: Hello all! Just like last year, we'll be having a fun little gathering for Marriprom this year. This isn't an event you have to sign up for, just attend! But what movie are we going to watch? That's up to you! To make this perfect and to hopefully make everyone a happy...
  3. Solar

    Keeping GBA games alive - Custom Cases!!

    Hey all. I was digging around my closet and found a little project that I did YEARS ago. Custom GameBoy Advance Cases!!!! If you ever got a brand new GBA game back in the day, you'll remember the packaging...
  4. Solar

    Starbucks Order

    Hey so...what do you order at Starbucks? Everybody has a different thing they like, what's yours? I like getting different things but I'd say my "main" is a grand double chocolately chip frap.
  5. Solar

    Death Plan (disclaimer: morbid)

    I've been thinking a lot about death. Don't ask. But it's made me think a lot about what happens after you die..........literally. We will all die. And when we die, left behind will be our body. What do you want to happen to your corpse after you die? When it comes down to it, and your body is...
  6. Solar

    Festive Feast

    This is a thread about the meals we have over the holidays. Everyone eats something different this time of year! Or maybe you just heated up some ramen, that's valid. If you and/or your family/friends shared any special food over the Holidays, what did you have?
  7. Solar

    What holiday gifts did you get??

    Title!! Please share what gifts you got, and also what did you give other people? I'm curious to know! pls tell!!! Happy Holidays 🎄
  8. Solar

    Letters To Santa 🎄 Write Your Letter Here!

    MERRRRRRY CHRISTMAS MERRY-LAND! My name is Solar, and I'm an honorary elf! Santa Claus himself has personally tasked me with reaching out over the internet to all of you! Let's face it, in today's age, some of us are just too darn busy to be mailing letters! Especially around the Holidays...
  9. Solar

    Let's Go Pokéball Plus

    Any thoughts to share on the Pokéball Plus? It's a very interesting little device, with not a whole lot of information about it, but I have been finding it very fun. Are any of you using it as a controller? Have you walked and played with your Pokémon? Do you like the little ******, if you have...
  10. Solar

    🌸 Let's Go, Solar! (no seriously hurry up) 🌸

    A new Pokémon game is here! I've really been looking forward to these games, and it only felt right to document my first playthrough here on the forums just like I did when I played Ultra Sun. Together, me and my trusty sidekick Mr. Pickle are diving back into the Kanto region to see what's new...
  11. Solar

    Let's Go Let's Go! Who are you going to use?

    Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee are coming out very soon! For those of you who are getting the game, what Pokémon do you want to use on your team? Who are you going to play through Kanto with? Is it your first time in Kanto or a familiar stroll down memory lane? Since a surprisingly large amount of my...
  12. Solar

    ¿ Ask Solar・ソーラーを質問する ?

    もしもし、質問があるの? "Thank you for calling Ask Solar Inc. If you'd like to leave a message, you can press 1 now. To speak to a Solar-trained volunteer, press 2. Para español, presione el número tres. 日本語、番号4を選択してください. Für Deutsch, lehren bitte Solar Deutsch, weil sie es nicht spricht. For all other...
  13. Solar

    ~*The Eevee Clan V.8*~

    iconic banner made by Glaceon3 THE EEVEE CLAN Welcome friends, old and new! Back in the summer of 2008, a young teenager joined a Pokémon forum and decided to make a club about a Pokémon and its wonderful evolutions. Little did his user know that this club would become a huge success, lasting...
  14. Solar

    Right/Left Handed

    It occurred to me that I have no idea who on the forums is right or left handed. Guess there’s no instance that would need to come up. But it is now! What are you? I’m Right handed. I love my right hand. It does great things, like writing and drawing. Big fan.
  15. Solar

    Advertise Your Forum Project!

    Advertise! Odds are, as an active forum user, you might have one or two projects that you want people to notice! Things can get pretty crowded and buried over done, so instead of bumping your thread into oblivion, post here and let people know about what amazing things you're doing! It can be a...
  16. Solar

    Performing Arts ☼ Loog Noog Theatre - Pokémon Black & White ☼

    (previous version) We're back! Once known proudly known as The Azurilland Theatrical Company, Loog Noog Theatre has returned with a new name and bright future! And right now, we're halfway through our next big online theatrical project! But who are we, exactly? The Azurilland Theatrical...
  17. Solar

    The Official Extended Signature Thread V3

    Some things just don't fit in your signature. Sometimes you just don't want them there! Here you can have a linkable post to hold pretty much anything you want. Use this thread to put whatever you like inside. No Reserves! Do not post in this thread just to reserve a spot. If you make a post...
  18. Solar

    Post the last words you said outloud V2

    We spend a lot of time on the internet typing away, chatting to our friends. Sometimes we do it so much that we forget we actually have voices. Chances are you've been sitting at the computer or your phone for a while browsing the forum. What's the last thing you said outloud? Post it here! Just...
  19. Solar

    You're BANNED! V15

    Ah, a classic. Banning. You've just been banned for reading this thread. To play this game, just ban the above user for something. Banned for their avatar, banned for their sig, banned for anything really. Just be nice, that's all.
  20. Solar

    Official Scamming Policy + Tips To Prevent It

    Official Scamming Policy + Tips To Prevent It The most important thing in any Pokémon trade is both people getting exactly what they want! But sometimes, people are unfair, and some pretty shady things can happen. This thread is going to give you some tips and tricks to avoid something...