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  1. Stralend

    Stralend's Writings [feedback welcome] ~ Now promoting; Poetry! ~

    Stralend's Writings So it seems I write a lot, I'll get you all the things I write, mostly poetry, from now on, as I just have too many and am too lazy to implement. I write as I have inspiration, or not, but each poem has a story to tell, sometimes I'll give it to you, and sometimes you'll...
  2. Stralend

    Portfolio Stralend's Creativity against the World

    Stralend's Creativity against the World Thanks to @Bunnie I decided to put my art out in a portfolio, since why not. Don't be afraid to ask if I have done something, I've lost track of all, but if might remember me up to something. I'll show a bit of what I recently found or aquired and some...
  3. Stralend

    Shooting Star

    Hey guys! It's been a while, as when I wanted to drop by, I saw we moved. But I'll guess I'll be around again for a long while. And already misuse code because I write everything with an u, rip me. Star!~